AMR Storage

At AMR Hair & Beauty, we support storage for businesses. That’s why we’re offering commercial space in our state-of-the-art warehouse. It’s never been easier, safer and more affordable to store your pallets. 


Entrusting hard-earned goods to third parties can be difficult, but we aim for 100% transparency. As the fastest growing hair and beauty supplier in Australia, we have extensive experience with storage, so we understand your needs. We have outlined all the details below, so you know what to expect. 


Located 25km from Sydney, the facility is a convenient distance from the city. This means peace of mind and swift travel are guaranteed. Even better, pick up and delivery are completely free.* There are no constraints on product movement or the growth of your business. Expand your enterprise freely with AMR pallet storage. 


As a business supporting businesses, we know the importance of security. Once inside the warehouse, your pallets are subjected to rigorous protective measures. Thirty cameras have been installed around the warehouse. Additionally, the space is insured for up to 20 million dollars. AMR has covered all possible scenarios, so your pallets are as safe as possible.

AMR Storage

  • 48 hours notice needs to be given for pallet pickup or delivery.
  • 24 hours notice to come and inspect stock.
  • Billed monthly.