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B.Tan Tanning Products

B.Tan is on a mission to give you the darkest tan possible with their all natural range of tanning products – no gimmicks, no paraben, no added nasties and no animal testing. Their quirky marketing is what they’re known for, but also their brilliant tans. If you want to be a bronzed up babe, then B.Tan have you sorted!

If you want to look hot and ready for your summer selfies, then B.Tan has various tanning options and shades to get your skin glowing bronze.  Go over to the dark side with “I want the darkest tan possible…” dark mousse tan that smells like summer without the gross fake tan smell. But if the darkest tan possible isn’t dark enough, then you can get “tanned AF” for an even darker tan! There is also “not just your weekend lover…” violet based tanning mousse that will leave you with an exotic, steamy and different from the rest tan. Or go for the charcoal based “tan-ye. I love myself more tanned” for an even dark, dark, darker shade of tan. If you want a lighter shade, just “fake it til you make it” with a chocolate brown tan mousse to kiss winter goodbye and embrace a more natural looking tan for day and night.

But it doesn’t end there. B.Tan have you covered with gradual tanning moisturisers to make pastie skin a thing of the past. If you’re nuts about coconuts, they have a gradual tan lotion with soft, silky coconutty goodness that will build your tan to a gradual golden tan. B.Tan have tan mitts and a wonderful coffee body scrub that will help fade your tan. They have all your professional needs taken care of with their professional at-home kits for you to DIY.