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Cureplex - Prevent Damaged Hair

Cureplex is the solution to curing damaged hair from chemical processing. Formulated in Australia, Cureplex works by preventing damage caused by the bleaching or lightening process. When bleaching, the hair cuticle is opened to change the hair structure and colour, breaking down the bonds of your hair which can lead to damage. This is why bleached hair often looks dry and brittle. Cureplex improves your hair quality during the lifting or colouring service by protecting and restructuring the hair simultaneously, leaving it silkier and smoother. With naturally derived ingredients, Cureplex shields the hair from chemical harm and repairs the existing hair from damage.

Cureplex is made of Niosomes Complex which consists of amino acids that create and protect hair bonds, rice derivatives that protect the hair shaft, and soybean isoflavones for added nourishment. These ingredients actively penetrate deep into the cortex without interfering with the treatment you’re having – it does not change the peroxide or affect the lifting and depositing process.

There are three essential steps to Cureplex: No. 1 Bond Creator, No. 2 Bond Fortifier and No. 3 Bond Sustainer. No. 1 Bond Creator is mixed with your chemical service (bleaching, colouring, ombre, balayage, highlighting or straightening etc.) to create new hair bonds and repair damaged bonds while protecting the internal structure. It strengthens the hair, boosts elasticity and increases flexibility and manageability. No. 2 Bond Fortifier is a rinse that fuses new and repaired bonds into the cortex while providing extra hydration and nourishment on the hair shaft. Your hair should feel soft and glossy after this step. No. 3 Bond Sustainer is the final at-home hair care treatment used twice a week to deliver emollients to the hair. This adds a protective film over your hair and boosts the hair’s suppleness for added shine.