Fanola Oro Therapy

Fanola Oro Therapy is the gift of brilliant haircare! The line is for people who want the best for their hair and want to engage in hair care rituals. The full range for hair professionals is enriched with three key ingredients that make Fanola Oro Therapy so special

  • 24K gold microparticles – for shine and lustre
  • Keratin protein – for cuticle strengthening
  • Argan oil – for nourishing the hair with essential nutrients such as Vitamin E and antioxidants

Thanks to the unique competition with 24K gold, the golden haircare line is cherished as a unique combination of health, nutrition, and luxury among hair professionals and clients.

Oro Therapy Hair Products

The unique mix of ingredients is part of six essential product lines for cleansing and conditioning hair and taking care of hand skin, including:


Apart from these essential lines, Fanola has incorporated the magic of gold, oil, and protein into its permanent colour range. This gives hairstylists a one-of-a-kind opportunity to dye hair in intensive shades while leaving it smooth, silky and hydrated.

Fanola Oro Therapy Hair Colours

Firstly, Fanola hair colours provide excellent grey hair coverage and an evenly applied colour with a strong pigment. Due to the active hair restructuring ingredients, after the colouring, the hair looks healthy and brilliant. Thanks to the argan oil, the colours can be used on dry and sensitive scalps.

Secondly, Fanola Oro Therapy is an ammonia-free colouring range with a slightly perfumed oriental scent and over 58 shades. The range includes an activator, a chart wheel, and mixing instructions to accomplish precisely the colour you want. Furthermore, if you are a fan of less durable colours, Fanola Oro Therapy makes colour masks in vibrant colours that you can apply after washing your hair, giving subtle, toned-nuances. Additionally, you’ll love the excellent application on bleached hair. You’ll love the Colour Masks as they allow you to play and experiment while simultaneously taking care of your scalp.


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