Fuzzfighters brushes – Detangle, Smooth & Win the Frizz War

Fuzzfighters are brushes for the everyday warrior in their personal war against fuzz. This Australian luxury hair care company pride themselves on creating high quality products that meet your performance and style goals. With a range of sizes available you can easily find a ceramic smoothing brush to suit your blow dry needs

High Quality Brushes to De-Frizz and Lock In Moisture

Fuzzfighters are antibacterial and positively ionic tourmaline & ceramic hairbrushes that utilize anti-frizz and moisture-sealing technology. Each and every brush by Fuzzfighters is designed to emit negatively charged ions while you blow dry. Helping you to detangle fuzzy and frizzy hair while sealing in the moisture and smoothing the cuticle – Fuzzfighters brushes leave you with shiny and smooth – fuzz free – hair.

An added advantage of Fuzzfighters hairbrushes is that they speed up the styling process, reducing blow dry time, and getting your hair tamed and in place sooner! The inclusion of ceramic in the brush’s composition means that when the material heats up during blow drying, the added heat helps to style and dry the hair it comes into contact with.

Antimicrobial Ceramic and Tourmaline Brushes – Staying Cleaner for Longer

Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral stone thought to have calming and soothing mystical properties, and is often touted for its ability to aid detoxification in the body. The antimicrobial claims of Fuzzfighters brushes are based on the fact that antimicrobial products kill or slow down microorganisms – including mould and fungus. Moulds, mildews, and fungus can often grow on hairbrushes especially when they are used on wet hair regularly and without deep cleaning. With the inclusion of antimicrobial ceramic solution in Fuzzfighters brushes disrupting the growth patterns of these microorganisms, you can be assured that your brushes will stay cleaner for longer.


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