Merkur Razors: Barber’s Favourites

Merkur razor blades are of excellent quality and long-lasting — they give three or four more shaves than the average quality blades. Original  blades are made from top materials by DOVO in Solingen, Germany, a manufacturer specialised in scissors and safety razors, which makes Merkur blades of extended durability when using the three-pass shaving technique.

There is a reason why men like cartridge razors: they are economical, lasting, save money, and can be easily perked up with new blades. Merkur blades are made from premium steelware. Barbers love them, not only because they have proven quality over prolonged use but also for the options adequate for beginners and professional barbers. Every man can establish an enjoyable shaving routine at home. Sensitive skin or uneven areas are not a problem – you can tackle them with care and precision.


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