Modelrock Cosmetics

Modelrock is most famous for its fabulous lashes. But this vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics brand is also known for making fun cosmetics that could transform a professional makeup artist into a facial masterpiece painter. Along with lashes, you can get lip and eye makeup, as well as makeup brushes and tools that will perfectly complement beautifully lifted brown arches and voluminous curved lashes.

Modelrock Lashes

You cannot rely on old makeup to support fresh makeup trends; but having long, sexy lashes has been one trend that never seems to go away. With Modelrock lash extensions, the sultry look is just several steps away. If you are a fan of more natural-looking lashes you can use every day, Modelrock has you covered, too. Don’t forget that the brand supports animal-friendly cosmetics, so you don’t need to worry about any animal lashes on your eyelids. If you are interested in natural lash materials, human hair lashes may be the right option for you.

Modelrock Individual Lashes

Eyelashes made from individual false hairs is what makes Modelrock lashes so adored among its devoted fans. You can play with various lengths, shapes, and styles to customise your lashes for the desired look and the occasion. To simplify your choice, Modelrock has separated its lashes into sets for almond eyes, wide-set, close-set and deep-set eyes, hooded eyes, downturned and upturned eyes, protruded eyes, monolids, small and round eyes.

Modelrock Accessories

You cannot achieve proper eyelash application without adhesives, tweezers and applicators. Despite the appearance, the application of fake lashes is not that challenging with top-notch tools. Here is what else is on offer at Modelrock:

These are the essential tools to complete a lovely colourful look. For a rich makeup palette, try Shadow Bible, the handy square package by Moderock for picking your favourite shades and creating your preferred Insta looks.


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