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Introducing the Parlux hair dryers

Parlux hairdryers have been known for their quality and efficiency, being the most popular hairdryers used in salons for over 15 years. This Italian brand is known for innovating and integrating simplistic design into their styling tools, inspired by clear lines and symmetrical shapes. Parlux has designed hairdryers that are sleek and innovative, providing luxury and professionalism in the grip of your hands.

Parlux products are known to be reliable and long lasting with the durability of the motor surviving up to at least 2500 hours and maximum airflow for a speedy hair dry at a calibrated temperature balance. The motor is noiseless, so you are not overly distributed by the loud whirring of the traditional hair dryer. They also produce wonderful results as the technology breaks down water molecules into mini-molecules, locking in hydration in the hair and speeding up drying time.

The Best Parlux hair dryers

The most popular in the range is the Parlux 385 Power Light that weighs only 465g, making it lightweight and easy on the wrist to reduce joint pain in stylists. It has the powerful long-lasting K Laminator motor that reduces energy consumption while still pumping out a mighty 2150 watts of power. It is often praised for its ionic and ceramic system that dries hair quicker and minimising hair damage in the drying process, creating softer results. People often love to take this model travelling because it is so small and easy to pack.

Parlux has six hair dryer models, each to suit different needs and price points of the user. They are loved by homes and salons around the world, distributed in over 60 countries. Parlux is the preferred hair dryer by many professional stylists, and the environmentalist will love the Parlux 3800 that is made from recyclable materials.

Regardless of your choice, Parlux will never leave you disappointed with its performance and design.

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