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Introducing Wildcolor's Hair Dye

We know choosing the right hair dye colour for you can be a difficult decision. Have you ever dreamt of wild colours in your hair - natural hues that outshine the others? Vibrant shades that radiate in the sun and WOW? Discover your wild side with Wildcolor! Whether you want to go lighter, darker, ombre or stick with basic highlights - whatever you choose, we want to help you choose the best hair dye colour.

What is Wildcolor?

Wildcolor is the new precision dye technology brought to Australia all the way from Italy. It is one of the world's most innovative colour collections consisting of 151 new shades in a mega-sized 180 ml tube for maximum quantity. Shades range in beautiful blondes, browns, blacks, intense copper and exquisite unnatural colours.

With Wildcolor's Special Oil Edition combination of Argan Oil from Morocco, Macadamia Oil from Australia, Jojoba Oil from the USA and Olive Oil and Helichrysum Italicum from Italy, the product combines all the essential products to maintain the health of your hair during colouring. Its chemically balanced formula optimises the product performance and respects the hair. The standards by which Wildcolor is produced is to the highest degree of quality, guaranteeing consistent results with each colour.

Wildcolor can help you create a variety of new, fresh looks for everyday wear or dramatic styling. We recommend you choose a hair dye colour that matches your skin tone and compliments the colour of your eyes. With 151 shades to choose from, Wildcolor is sure to find a colour match for you.