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BeautyPRO Sponges Non-Latex Wedges 32Pcs

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Benefits & Features

Are you tired of flimsy makeup sponges? Are you tired of irritation and allergic reactions? Thankfully, BeautyPRO Sponges Non-Latex Wedges 32Pc is your solution. This skin-friendly pack is used by professional makeup artists across the country to achieve incredible results without the typical downsides.

BeautyPRO Sponges Non-Latex Wedges 32Pc is perfect for applying oil-based and water-based makeup products, such as liquid, cream, powder and stick foundations. The sponges are wedge-shaped to ensure the most accurate applications possible. Plus, the material is soft and absorbent enough to create a comfortable experience even for fussy users.

One of the most important features of BeautyPRO Sponges Non-Latex Wedges 32Pc is the non-latex material. With many people experiencing allergic reactions to latex, anyone with sensitive skin will love the BeautyPRO Sponges Non-Latex Wedges 32Pc. Simply add product onto the sponge and swipe across the skin to enjoy a comfortable experience whenever you apply your makeup.

Key Features:

  • Thirty-two high-quality diamond wedge sponges.
  • Perfect for amateurs or professional makeup artists.
  • Anyone with sensitive skin will adore the material.
  • You can apply and blend a variety of makeup products.
  • Ideal for oil and water-based liquid, cream, powder and stick foundations.
  • Enjoy the most accurate applications.
  • The material is soft and absorbent.
  • Made from a `skin-friendly` and non-latex material.

Is BeautyPRO Sponges Non-Latex Wedges 32Pc For You?

  • More shapes are available.
  • Applications are quick and easy.
  • Made by a beauty specialist.

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