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De Lorenzo

De Lorenzo Porous Perm Solution 100ml

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Benefits & Features

Aussie Made

Aussie Made

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free



De Lorenzo Porous Perm Solution inspired by nature, For Porous Hair is made suitable for the Australian climate. The Performance Perm series has been developed with natural-based and biodegradable ingredients that have been cultivated and harvested in a cruelty-free manner. Its ingredients include substantive Soya Protein that nourishes and protects the hair throughout all stages of perming.

The Professional perm solution works impressively like other hair perm solution products, which swell the hair, rendering it soft and permeable. It helps hair resist harsh weather conditions and other adverse effects that stem from the environment. Particularly, the perm solution reduces the disulfide cystine bonds in the cortex of the hair. In other words, it removes crosslinks.

The Porus perm solution is also available in resistant, coloured, bleached, and porous hair types.

Key Features

  • Professional Use Only
  • De Lorenzo Porous Perm Solution is Australian Made & Owned!
  • It incorporates substantive soya proteins
  • Completely Vegan certified
  • Its production process is cruelty-free and sustainable
  • Made from biodegradable ingredients

Is the De Lorenzo Porous Perm Solution for you?

  • Effective in removing crosslinks in the hair, detangling knotty hair
  • Protects hair and scalp during and after the perming process, while enriching it at the same time
  • Raesists adverse effects of the environment, protecting hair from UV as well as other stress factors (chemically induced or otherwise)
  • Separate hair into sections or curls.
  • Apply the Do Lorenzo Porous perm solution to each curl, being careful not to miss any.
  • You should apply enough solution to saturate the hair, but not so much that it is dripping wet.
  • Allow the perm solution to remain on the hair for a short while.
  • Leave to dry

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Highly recommended

I highly recommend this product. It nourishes and protects the hair. It does a great job!


I love this stuff! It is very easy and effective to use. I will recommend this product.

Good quality

This a good quality product. It works great.