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LashXD Volume C Curl 0.06 11mm

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Benefits & Features

Create your favourite extremely full and fluffy look with our LASH X BROW™ pre-made volume lashes! LashXBrow pre-made lashes have been developed by the Head Product Developer, right down to how tacky the adhesive strip is on the back. LashXBrow don’t want you splitting any of your precious fans, which happens with cheaper imports. The fibers are lightweight and mimic the natural eyelash. Multiple fine lashes can be applied in one fan which is heat bonded at the base. The curls are unique as we have developed our own curl rod, meaning you gain a competitive edge in the market. These have the WOW factor you’ve been searching for.

Discover the new trend in eyelash extensions with these pre-made volume lashes with lightweight ultra-soft curl retention. It is extremely comfortable to wear and you can apply as much as you want to create an extremely voluminous look or fluffy natural volume within minutes.

Product features

  1. FEELS MUCH SOFTER – the pre-made volume lash feels very soft during wear, just like your natural lash.

  2. NO GLUES USED – these are not cluster lashes. There’s a large difference between these and the thick, bulb base looking lashes that are glued at the bottom. Do not purchase anything other than safely developed pre-made fans.

  3. SHINES RADIANTLY – the pre-made volume lash offers a radiant deluxe look to your outfit.

  4. COMFORTABLE TO WEAR – the pre-made volume lashes are very comfortable to wear, extremely light-weight.

  5. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – the pre-made volume lash is carefully designed to make a great gift for your love ones and backed with 100% satisfaction or hassle refund guaranteed.

  6. WOW FACTOR CURL – the pre-made volume lash offers far superior curl retention with natural looking sheen.

Use: Professional use only.

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