Salon Waiting Lounges

Add Elegance With A Salon Waiting Chair

A salon waiting chair is one of the first things your client will use when arriving at your salon. While waiting for you to finish with a client or while your tidying, you may ask your client to take a seat in the waiting lounge. Looks along with comfort are going to be some of the first things you are judged on. Providing clients with a sturdy lounge with ample room will be important. It also needs to have a timeless design to prevent it from looking outdated in a years time. There are a few other things to consider too when selecting the perfect chair.

Selecting A Salon Waiting Chair

Apart from making sure your client is happy with the chair, it's important you are too. You'll really need to pick a chair that meets comfort with style. The last thing you want is selecting a chair that clashes with your salon design. Consider the colour contrast of your salon. Did you want the lounge to stand out? If so, consider maybe adding a pop of red to the salon with a red sofa. If you'd rather something a little more classic, we also offer them in black, white and even brown leather.

See A Salon Waiting Chair Up Close

Sometimes it can be difficult to picture your salon waiting chair in a space, without having actually seen it. We have some display models in our showrooms in Western Sydney. Feel free to pop in and ask any questions you may have about the products. If you're from out of state and still feel a little hesitant, you can ask our staff from some additional photos from our displays. We're happy to help so contact us at any time.

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