10 Stylish Short Hair Bangs: Inspirational Hairstyles You’ll Want to Copy

December 9, 2019

Rachael Grant

If cutting bangs makes a notable difference for long hair, then short hair bangs can truly transform how you present yourself. Short bangs can blend with the rest of the hair or tell a story of their own for a personal stamp hairstyle. 

Short hair with bangs gives the impression that you are over mainstream haircuts. You’ve gone beyond blindly following trends. And now you want something that’s totally you – fuss-free and playful. Is cutting bangs on a shorter hair an act of rebellion? It can be, just enough to mimic a careless attitude for a style rebel. However, short bangs can also be sophisticated, mirroring that 1920s diva look:

Is Short Hair with Fringe Too Much? No, and Here’s Why!

“Short hair and bangs? Bring it on!” – this is a hairstyle hairdressers love to work on. It is an opportunity to showcase their haircutting mastery to the maximum. Short hair with bangs can help you: 

  • Make a bold change from long hair 
  • Revamp a stale short cut with some fab fringe 
  • Get some extra plus points in your hairdresser’s golden book. 

In case you don’t know where to start with a hair change, a short hair fringe cut may be just the right indicator for the direction you need to take. We don’t think you’ll need any more proof than these crisp short bangs that we have just noticed on Instagram

1. Yellow, bold, short hair bangs

Can yellow be too yellow? In the case of this blunt orangey fringe with a matching sleeveless top, we think not! If you want to make it all about the cut and the colour, here is an on-point option. Remove your hair from the face to accentuate the fringe. Tuck it behind the ears or tie it up in a ponytail if you have sufficient length. Either way, you’ll get noticed. You might even steal a few congratulatory remarks about your boldness.

2. Choppy hair bangs with a peekaboo undercut

To keep the length of your locks at least partially, you can add an undercut to longer top layers. Undercuts create unexpected three-dimensionality. Add short hair bangs for a new level of quirkiness and you’ve made your point. You are cute, sexy, and have twinkles in your eyes – we get it!

3. Textured curtain fringe

Textured curtain fringe is versatile and resourceful. Your hairdresser can adapt it to all hair lengths. From a voluminous side curved fringe such as this mesmerising blond blow-dry to cutting it in the middle to emphasise lovely eyes and a perky nose, you can’t go wrong with curtain bangs. Short curtain bangs have another advantage: they don’t lose shape quickly as they grow up so you won’t stress out about needing to schedule biweekly trims to the minute. 

4. Classic side-swept bob

Say hi to one of the most practical, low-maintenance, and timeless hairstyles. It is no wonder that the super-short bob never goes out of style because it is super-sweet. Wonder how to keep it up-to-date? An ugly Christmas sweater like on this image might just do the trick – it’s not mandatory, only optional! This bob is classy. It goes well with an array of trendy and classic personal outfit styles, not to mention the carefree hair routine that won’t take you hours to complete!

5. Messy pixie 

Short hair bangs don’t necessarily need to take the front of your face or cover the forehead. Your hairdresser can make a gradual transition from the bangs to textured layers across your face and the back of your head. Here is how that looks on a messy pixie cut that is at its most striking with blond hair: 

6. Smooth and subtle lob fringe

Not so sure about full-on bangs? The invisible subtle bangs on a medium-long hair will create just enough difference to bring about a new look without you losing your mind over the new hairstyle. Don’t let anyone call you boring and predictable! With such glossy, wavy strands, it’s just hair envy!

7. Face-free asymmetrical bangs

For face shapes that don’t look at their best when covered in fringe, this short asymmertical wave pulled away from the face will create wonders. It has the wow effect without being overwhelming on delicate facial features. You can make it work for you in summer when hair bangs are quite demanding amidst the countless hot weather hair challenges.

8. Long bob middle bangs

Middle bangs can take the curtain shape as shown above. But if you’ve cut your hair short with even shorter bangs, middle bangs can be en excellent choice to grow your hair back. The wrap nicely around rectangular or oblong face shapes. Furthermore, you can make a colour statement as you let your balayage grow at the ends and keep the dark bangs colour-free.

9. Pony bob with textured bangs

To create a playful frame around your face, go for short hair bangs that have the same level of playfulness as the pony bob they belong to. The pony bob is suitable for both straight and curly hair. If your hair is straight, you can recreate the messy styling with a curling iron. However, in this haircut, the cutting technique plays a major role. Make sure you explain to your hairstylist the desired outcome so that you come up with a texture that is easy to maintain and style once you are out of the salon. Luckily, with textured short bangs, you can get away with a few mistakes.

10. Sleek concave boob with a thick fringe

From messy, we go to smooth. Now, if you could get away with a few strands out of place in messier, choppy looks, this one needs a precise cut. It also requires a professional blowdry to look at its best. With the popularity of curls nowadays, straight hair usually takes second place. But you don’t need to follow the crowd if you don’t want to over-style your sleek hair with curling products. Do the best with what you have. This haircut perfection is one way to achieve individuality with short bangs on straight hair. The concave bob shape suits almost any type of face. The thick, straight fringe adds a bit of panache you don’t see so often.

There are so many ways to cut short hair with bangs that ten options are just the tip of the iceberg. Short fringe draws attention to facial features, especially the eyes, enabling not only hair but also makeup revamping. When your hair is long, you have so many options to restyle it. But with medium-length and short hair, drastic changes in length are limited. Cutting short bangs may be the ultimate option to tell people that you mean transformation business.

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