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10 Textured Bob Ideas To Spruce Things Up Right Before the Holidays

December 5, 2019

Rachael Grant

Textured Bob: All You Need To Know


Textured bob is the one hairstyle that suits everyone. The choppy layers with the right length for your face and bouncy volume give a bold message: “I have fab hair and I don’t care”. Hair texture is achieved with special haircutting techniques, usually including thinning scissors or razors to cut hair at the ends. There are numerous ways to enliven standard textured cuts. Add bangs and your face will lighten up. Curls add another layer of fun. Colours are a whole new level of texture. When professionally done, coloured, gradually-thinned bobs are real attention-grabbers.

The best thing about the bob hairstyle is that it has so many variations that it’s impossible not to find the style that will be your trademark. But as hairstyle trends come and go, your idea repository may become saturated with the latest images from fashion magazines and Instagram accounts. It looks like all you see is the same cuts and colours. And who could blame us? When we find something new and exciting, why not be among the first to try it out?

It’s fun to lead the hairstyle game. Occasionally, though, anyone could use extra inspiration. Without letting things get boring or out of fashion, you can experiment with the latest textured bob haircuts and colours, bringing the best of your facial features. 

Have You Seen Fresh-out-of-the-Salon Textured Haircuts? 

Holidays are an excellent time to freshen up an old look. We have collected these fresh textured and choppy bob hairstyles to inspire you for a style change right before the holidays If that was your intention, you may just find your next favourite among the textured haircuts on this list.

Short, Medium-Defined Bob:

This simple textured bob can be cut short, medium, and long. Chopping the ends on a short textured bob creates the desired silhouette that accentuates the line of a longer neck and creates volume. Curls are a welcome addition to what has otherwise been a plain short bob. If you are new to textured haircuts, this may be the way to go with less risk.

Ultra-Inverted Bob/Lob:

Colours, uneven cut, and razor-created texture are the ultimate threesome of hairstyles. If you wanted to find all three in one textured bob, look no further than this boldly cut asymmetrical bob that flows neatly into a lob at the front. The beautiful silver blond is epic and it just adds an extra wow element that will make you stand out in the holiday crowd. It can be short or long, but longer hair gives more space for a bold inversion.

Natural Curls Texture:

Curls are tricky in most haircuts but they can be even trickier in textured bobs. While the messiness of textured bobs will cover a few out-of-place curls, if the chaos is all over the scalp, you will have to spend a lot of time calming unruly strands. When nicely done, though, curly textured bobs are playful. Moreover, you won’t have to reach out for the curler to create the waves that often accompany textured bobs!

Balayage Textured Lob:

If you don’t want to go too short, asymmetrical, or colour-striking, choose a wavier, softer balayage on shoulder-length hair. The balayage bob is ideal to refresh a stale look, revamp a long hairstyle with sun-kissed ends, and wrap up the summer with a bang and no dry ends.  

Silver Ombre Textured Bob:

Tired of conventional platinum? The key point in this bob is in the gradual transition of smoked blue roots into platinum silver. You will rock with cool tones and an even cooler attitude for an awesome trend that is to go nowhere soon. Use a no-yellow shampoo or maintenance.

Reverse Balayage Lob:

To create the illusion of depth in your hair, think about applying the reverse balayage technique to the textured, medium-long cut bob. Couple it with thick, choppy, wavy locks and add a few highlights to make them stand out. You have achieved the ultimate textured look by maximising all tricks for playing with multidimensional hairstyles.  

Pixie Cut Textured Bob:

Did you forget the pixie bob with loose waves? Let’s not bury it yet! Add a courageous side part to a curly textured bob that has undergone a wild night out and you will achieve this style even without visiting your hairdresser – perfect for the holidays when many salons are closed. Blond is not a requirement, the practical pixie cut looks impressive in the full-colour palette, making it a suitable alternative for frequent hair changes if you don’t want to grow your hair too long. 

Straight Thick Hair Bob:

It is not all about curls and waves. The full magic of textured haircuts shows in straight hair by carefully using thinning shears. Straight textured bobs showcase the hairdresser’s skills, letting them transform head and hair proportions from overly round or triangular to softer shapes. 

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Brightly-Coloured Bob:

Straight or curly, its all about the lovely pastel colours in this bob. You can dramatically change your cut or basic colour to rock a new holiday look by going for vivid nuances. You could take it a step further by adding a brightly-coloured underlayer, such as the orange that hides below the crown hair on this cute mint bob. Did someone say ice-cream? Delicious!   

Horizontal Colour Combo Layers:

Fans of rainbow hair, you don’t need to hide various colours under. Here is an option to show it all off in a brave contrast of warm and colours. This particular combo is called watermelon and tourmaline. But you can create variations with purple and intensive blue, or pink, honey, and caramel.

Another fantastic characteristic of textured bobs is that they can be worn in a variety of ways. As long as the cut is skilfully done, you can side-part a bob differently or use the hair straightener to add curls. It also looks great when tucked behind the ears, when you want your party makeup and outfit to get the most attention. 

Are you ready to test this versatile look and be the star of the holiday celebrations? 

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