15 Light Brown Hair with Highlights Hairstyles with the “This Is It” Factor

light brown hair
November 6, 2020

Rachael Grant

You can let your imagination run wild with light brown hair with highlights. It’s one of the most versatile hairstyles that suits everyone. If a hair professional throws well-chosen babylights, balayage highlights, or any other combination of highlights and lowlights in your hair, you can add volume, shine, and a new life to dull hair. Since there are so many variations of light brown hair with highlights, you shouldn’t lack inspiration. But in case you miss fresh ideas, here is some hair inspo from these fifteen soft brown hairstyles:

Light Brown Hair with Highlights: Classic, but Still Hip Colour Combos

1. Ash-brown and Ash-blonde Mix

Are you looking for an option an-between blonde and brown? This lovely colour is achieved by a subtle transition with colour melting. In case you prefer natural highlights on brown hair, this technique will be a better choice than the standard balayage. 

2. Natural Honey Blonde Highlights

Almost imperceivable, these delicate warm blonde highlights will transform your light brown hair with highlights that are two to three tones lighter than your natural hair tone. This is a safe choice, but nonetheless a gorgeous refreshment to keep long hair healthy.  

3.  Light Brown Hair Highlights: Board Balayage

Using a board and a paddle to highlight brown hair isn’t necessary. However, using a hair curler and a heat-protective hair spray will undoubtedly make a difference. Curves bring attention to the highlights, while the spray keeps everything in place, preventing the heat from damaging bleached hair. 


4. Golden Girl Highlights

A popular and cherished evergreen hairstyle for medium brunettes is a warm blonde that looks like it has golden strands pulled through it. It is an elegant and refreshing option that you can achieve without bleach, provided your hair falls under the light brown hair umbrella.  A cautious spritz from a hair lacquer will set the waves firmly without sticking them to the scalp. 

5. “Dark” Light Brown Hair with Highlights

On the light brown hair colour spectrum, this is probably the darkest you can go to be still considered a light brunette.  With a so natural-looking balayage, you can deceive even your best friend with these elusive highlights.  

6. ”Autumn Hair” Highlights

Another colour combination you can accomplish with semi-permanent colours is this vibrant, rich late-summer, early-autumn blonde. Are you interested in darkening your blonde hair for depth and impact? Ask for toning your light brown hair with lowlights. 

7. Sandy Blonde

This cool light brown hair with highlights is so good it will make you proud to call every day a good hair day. For such perfection, you will need a full head of pastel beige foils

8. Ombre Highlights with Hair Extensions

You can call this one a dark blonde. However, with the added highlights,  it looks absolutely stunning in light beige outfit combinations. If you have thin hair that doesn’t hold weight, volume, and highlights on its own, consider hair extensions by beading longer brown tresses into your shorter natural hair, and then adding the light brown highlights.  

9. Cool Balayage on Virgin Hair

Your hairdresser will be happy to hear you haven’t done any highlights or colouring on your natural hair. Virgin hair is easy for manipulation and intricate colour coordination. Your hairdresser can pull off almost anything on untreated hair. One example is these cool blonde highlights on very dark brown hair.  

10. Gold Brown Hair with Highlights

A true light brown hair with highlights will be somewhere in-between dark blonde and light brown. You can achieve desired warm tones with coppery gold highlights such as this gold-brown hint of sunlight that suits medium to dark skin tones perfectly.   

11. Luscious Caramel 

You don’t need to bleach hair or go six to seven shades lighter to get light brown hair with highlights. Choose an organic-based permanent colour that will revamp a stale hairstyle with caramel nuances, as well as nourish the cuticle and prevent moisture from fleeing your hair.  

12. Rose Light Brown Hair with Highlights

To add a lovely berry hue to your light brown highlights, your hairdresser will add bleach foils on your hair, and then tone the highlights with a pastel colour toner. All toned blonde highlights require colour maintenance. Maintain this variation of the light brown balayage highlights by renewing the rose gold (cherry red or other variations allowed) around every two weeks.   

13. Whipped Strawberry Cream Balayage

For an even subtler rosy undertone that resembles a natural light redhead, your stylist will draw light blonde foils on your base colour as the first step, and then colour the full scalp with a warm rose that will subtly emphasise the lighter tones. If your virgin hair is red, be more careful with hair lightening because red-pigmented hair tends to be thin and more prone to breakage. 

14. Beige Blonde Balayage 

For more impactful highs and lows, with grater dimension, let your hairdresser paint your hair with thicker highlights. The finishing look is not only a result of well-combined colour but also of a drop or two of lush argan oil treatment. Don’t get stingy with the oil: with a moderate amount, daily usage is fine and even preferred. 

15. The Beach Blonde Feel

Remember hair with interior depth? The first time hair highlights and lowlight went mainstream? Well, they are back. Now you can get beach hair with deep dimensional highlights. Braver and bolder than what we usually see on hair fashion pages lately, this casual hairstyle is ideal for an unexpected style revolution. (Ask for more light in the front to bring back 90s memories.) 

Having beautiful light brown hair with highlights won’t be a problem if you consider two factors: colour dimensionality and natural hair colour. Make sure you consult with your hairdresser about how often it needs a touchup and how to take care of it at home. 

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