20 Autumn Hair Colour Trends to Try Before Everyone Else

Autumn Hair Colours
May 25, 2022

Sharnee Rawson

Is it just us, or are autumn hair colours all warm, mellow and spicy? If you feel inspired to go darker as the colder months approach, you’re not alone. Short days and cold weather are the perfect conditions to give your hair a rest from lighter shades. So, if you are wondering how to welcome autumn with a new hairstyle, here’s a selection of vibrant autumn hair colours inviting you to book your next appointment. 

Autumn Hair Colour Trends That Are All the Rage

Although bright reds and modest brunettes dominate colour trends this fall, it doesn’t mean you won’t find a few surprising shades — just to keep you on your toes! Gold is the precious hue you’ll find twinkling among luscious balayage hair and highlights. Let’s see how long it takes to pick your fave!

1. Brown-to-Red Hair Colour

Lack the courage to go red? We open with this gorgeous contrast of intense red and almost-black balayage that recalls the light as the sun starts to go down early.   

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2. Copper Balay Babe

This is a beautiful transformation from an outdated brown hairstyle to fresh golden copper, achieved with just one shade. Ask your hairdresser to create dimensional highlights. The trim is optional, although having your hair shorter (mid-back) will bring more attention to it.  

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3. 8-to-9 Ash Blonde

There is a fine line between level 8, light ash blonde, and level 9, very light ash blonde hair. If your go-to style is platinum, this colour can serve as hair protection from harsh highlighters during autumn months. 

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4. Titanium Blonde Highlights

Sworn ash blondes, you can remain loyal to your one-and-only colour of choice and still perk up with this autumn hair colour we’ve selected. Dive in and enjoy these tweaked metallic babylights. Use dry ash shampoo to mimic the root smudge in-between visits. 

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5. Golden Hazel

Hazel, as in hazelnut, is the perfect autumn colour for warm skin tones. Scrumptious enough for people to notice the difference and low-key enough not to overwhelm your natural style.

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6. Cranberry Red

This deep shadowy root combo is a mix of dark reds with a colour enhancer for added shine. It depends on every hairdresser’s unique magic to achieve this shade, but a wild cherry colour might play a role! 

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7. Cable Curl Honey

If you’re blessed with stunning curls, add some pizzazz with a natural honey blonde colour.

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8. Late November

No need to admire the fallen leaves from afar when you can have a similar look for your hair! A light golden red blonde is ideal to warm up a tired summer shade.

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9. Copper Yellow

Who said hair can’t be yellow-coloured? It may take a few (up to four) hours to come to a result as fab as this, but it is absolutely worth it. Simply stunning.

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10. Triple Chocolate Lowlights

Is this a recipe or an autumn colour idea? The colour mix used (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and caramel) can awaken your sweet tooth and your sense of colour delight. Ideal for blonde to brown transitions.

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11. Melting Mocha

“Just a tad bit of darker, please.” is a confusing plea to your hairdresser. Perhaps showing them this deep mocha brown shade will help you be more explicit.

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12. Pearl Gold Chunky Highlights

You can achieve this bright multi-tonal autumn vibe with semi-permanent colours. Light beige blonde and light copper should be your colours of choice for highlights.

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13. Eggplant Blonde

Lilacs, lavenders, and dark plums are huge autumn hair colour trends that go equally well on blondes and brunettes. Don’t be shy, go bold. Ask for rich streaks, especially if you use semi-permanent dye.  

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14. Orange Peek-a-boo

Spruce up a lifeless blonde bob with hidden orange streaks. Alternatively, go for your preferred rainbow colour – how about light indigo or mint green?

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15. Chef’s Kiss

Pulling out contrasting lowlights while still keeping the base colour blonde is the easiest way to make that autumn transformation. Use reverse balayage for enhanced dimensionality. 

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16. Strawberry Ginger Blonde

All you need is a hot cuppa and some autumn jazz for this spicy ginger blonde, and you can mark the official beginning of fall hair with confidence. Tone it with a cool strawberry shade.

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17. Dark Blue 

Almost black but not quite so? If this blue-black dye resembles 90s hair trends, then you’re not far from the truth. This 2022 updated version comes with the twist of using a dark base colour and blue highlights.

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18. Golden Oak

Revive your summer hair with a new layer of golden brown highlights. The blunt fringe is optional, but it will frame the face in all the right places and accentuate the firecracker warmth. Use foliage for best results.

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19. Burnt Orange 

When you don’t want an understated seasonal change, here is a red and orange colour melt. It’s bright, brave, and crazy in all the best ways.

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20. Hair Art

Your hairdresser will need to have remarkable trimming and colouring skills to redo this turquoise hair with a lovely pink surprise underneath.  

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So many glam autumn hair colour trends, and you didn’t find what you were looking for? Check out these inspirational colour tips to learn more:


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