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20 Extravagant Red Eyeshadow Makeup Looks You’ll Love

20 Extravagant Red Eyeshadow Makeup Looks That You'll Love
November 12, 2020

Rachael Grant

Red eyeshadow makeup looks are not timely just for Halloween and the festivities that follow. If you are looking for some red eyeshadow inspiration to spruce up an everyday monotonous style, then these next twenty red eyeshadow makeup looks may just hit the right spot. 

Check These 20 Cool Red Eyeshadow Makeup Looks and Prep Your Brushes! 

But before we take you on the inspirational red eyeshadow journey, let us explore some dos and don’ts of doing red eye makeup.  

How to Use Red Eyeshadow without Scaring Anyone

There are many ways to play with red eyeshadow that don’t venture into the dramatic, gothic, or theatrical zone. You don’t need to go all way in with bold red makeup. You can use red makeup palette to create some very gentle, sophisticated, springlike or summertime looks that are tasty enough on all eye shapes. Here are three ways to experiment with red makeup that won’t cause anyone’s goosebumps, heart racing, or raised eyebrows (or, maybe, yes, but for all the right reasons):

Mixing Complementary Colours

If you think that your eyes are too blue or too brown to wear red makeup, then you can try mixing the base red colour with green, orange, or blue makeup. Complementary colours dilute the harshness of the brave red and provide nuance.  

Shimmer, Glitter, and Gloss 

Adding glitter and shimmer is also a fun way to recreate stale red eyeshadow makeup looks with texture and dimension. You’d be surprised how good eyes surrounded with red can look when there is that 3D reflection that provides depth and substance.

Eyeliner (Black, Red, and even Gold)

Most of us aren’t professional makeup artist, and some days it can be hard to get inspired. If the new look in question is red eyeshadow, things can get even trickier. Reach out for the eyeliner to create red eyeshadow makeup looks with a definition that brings out the best in your face. 


Now you’ve seen how to master the basics of red eyeshadow. Let’s see how you can recreate some of these look rules in practice. 


1. Cherry Bomb

Calling the red eyeshadow makeup blend a cherry bomb is both an understatement and an overstatement. The subtle blend of reds, pinks, and vanillas is not that bombastic, but the overall result is more than eyecatching. Add gel eyeliner to shape a nice almond eye and create contrast.

2. Red Apple

For a bit of an autumn vibe, use glittery burnt orange eyeshadow in the central part. Blend with auburn red in the outer and deep yellow in the inner eye corners. A little sparkle never hurt anyone. Dip your nails in an orange shade dip powder for maximum effect.

3. Full Red Eyes and Lips

For a more theatrical look with bouncy eyelashes, choose a deep red colour for both your eyes and your lips. The floral hairpiece that wraps up this red eyeshadow look is optional, but the face glow isn’t. Use a shimmer foundation or finish with luminous powder to countereffect the red. 

4. The Eyeliner Switch

Ditch the eyeshadow and go straight for the red eyeliner if you are looking for shapely precision. Minimise the rest of the face makeup with nude lips for eyes in the centre of attention.

5. Bleeding Drama

The best about this red eyeshadow makeup look is that, when Halloween passes, you can leave out the blood effect and stick to the rest of this layered rose-red creation with a silver crease accent.

6. “Genuinely” Red

If you believe too much deep red can make you look tired, try lighter orange shades. They remind everyone of the sun and will be a perfect match for hazel or light brown eyes that want to avoid looking dull. Use a brow pomade to lift that arch and open your eye even more. 

7. Celestial Red

Sparkly eyeshadow diffuses a courageous red look and, when you mix it with deep mauves and peachy pinks, you can experiment with dimensionality. This look is the closest your eyes will ever get to a starry night with a cosmic vibe.

 8. Green-Eyed Envy

Green eyes? Red eyeshadow will make those eyes pop! For additional contrast, consider mismatching the shadows with each eye being slightly different colours!

9. Watermelon Dream

Among the many red eyeshadow makeup looks, this fruity one is the simplest. Prepare a base with micro primer, pick up the right shade for bright-looking eyes, and leave the rest of the eye area clean and polished. 

10. Classic Red Brown

A clean classic red mixed with smokey black and browns in a matte finish reveals the perfect combination for blonde hair and brown eyes. Complete with a smudge-proof mascara

11. All-red Cut Crease

We wouldn’t exactly call this look diabolic; maybe slightly devilish. Regardless of its name, the scariest part of it is having the skills to fill in the crease and add liner in all the right spots.

12. Black & Red with a Dash of Silver

How do you make such a prominent colour combination less formidable? Add a dash of silver and keep the black for the eyeliner area. Even consider adding glitter makeup to a look like this!

13. Red Illusion 

How do you create a red eyeshadow makeup look when there is no red shade involved? It is easy—blend pink and orange. Keep the darker eyeshadow for the inner area. Add lighter pink on lower eyelids and below the brow. 

14. Deep Purple

You can go as far as rich plum eyeshadow palette to link red and black eyeshadow in a pleasant medium between both. Use rich purple to bring green or grey eyes to the forefront.   

15. Sultry Golden Rim Palette

Whoever thought of this, is a genius. The golden rim at the end of this triple eyeshadow combination gives enough confidence to blend violet, magenta, and tangerine and come up with something as fresh and seductive. 

16. Crimson Red

Here is another fiery combination of dark red and orange that tricks the eye with a red-only impression. This dark red eyeshadow makeup look is perfect for highlighting the green, golden dots in light brown eyes. 

17. The Halo-Eye

How much red is too much red for you? If you prefer red eyeshadow mixes, this rainbow halo may meet all your requirements. A colourful palette is among drag queen makeup favourites: you won’t even need professional-level skills to recreate this look.

18. Turquoise Pink

An unexpected combination of blue-green and pink eyeshadow puts an accent of green eyes. The contrast pushed the pink towards the red colour spectrum. Add lots of HD mascara for spectacularly bright irises beyond the dark lashes. 

19. Spooky Glam Red

You can take an understated look from day to night by following this red eyeshadow makeup tutorial. It is all about choosing the right reddish liner and being generous with the mascara. (You might want to include the creepy stare only for Halloween parties, though.)  

20. Wet Gloss

Achieve a blurry faded look that doesn’t overwhelm the eye with glossy red eyeshadow. Incorporate glossy red lips and wet-look hair for a full-on fresh impression. 


Did you enjoy these twenty unusual red eyeshadow makeup looks? Which ones do you prefer – the classics or the trendsetters? Let us know in the comments below!  Don’t forget to safely store your makeup for the best results! We highly recommend the Justine Makeup Case or the Hollywood Mirrored Case!

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