20 Fabulous Glitter Eyeliner Ideas For Sparkly Eyes

20 Fabulous Glitter Eyeliner Ideas For Sparkly Eyes
March 7, 2021

Rachael Grant

Glitter makeup contains tiny reflective particles that reflect the light under different angels. Glitter eyeliner and glitter eyeshadow are the two most popular glitter tolls because – who doesn’t like eyes that sparkle? You can apply glitter to your makeup by using different methods. One is to stick the small confetti and sequins to a layer of petroleum jelly. Place larger pieces of glitter (like the makeup jewels lately seen on Chrissy Teigen) by using makeup (eyelash) glue:

Imaginative Makeup Looks with Glitter Eyeliner 

A glitter eyeliner is one of the easiest and trickiest ways of bringing attention to your face with light. The reason is that applying light-reflective colour makeup to your eyes can result in a completely different look than the one you’re used to by using your standard dark eyeliner. However, that is precisely the point of fans of glitter eyeliner – to revamp eyes and face in ways you haven’t thought of. To completely transform how you do eye makeup, here is some fresh inspiration for applying glitter eye makeup:

1. Smokey golden eye

Start by applying a bottom layer with a matte dark eyeliner. Highlight the contrast of the dark liner by painting a golden-yellow reflective line above it. Pay attention to the matte sparkly texture of this particular eyeliner.

2. Blue cut crease

Use a blue eyeshadow all around the eyes. Fill out the eyelid area to the crease with silver glitter eyeliner to make your eyes appear wider and more open. Add a silver eyeshadow to the inner eye and dip powder blue square nails

3. Low-key shimmer

You don’t need to go all way glitter if you don’t want to; a low-key look like this one with strategically placed eyeliner is all you need to bring all attention to your eyes. Apply one large silver line in the eye crease and a smaller one just below the black eyeliner, and admire how the iris pops up.

4. Sunset blend

The focus in the glitter eyeliner look is in the purple and gold contrast, blended with yellow, orange and red eyeshadow to achieve the colour of a late summer sunset. Make sure you use an eye primer to help the look stick.

5. Rainbow sparkle

If you have some serious makeup skills, then this is definitely the look you want to try. Notice how the sparkly white eyeliner is applied in the inner crease to open up thy eyes. Silver stars and butterflies are optional but effective.

6. Emerald eyes

Most glitter eyeliners have a balanced texture with equally distributed and sized reflective particles. But sometimes, the particle inconsistency can make all the difference. Take a look at this gorgeous sparkly liner that looks like your eyes have turned into liquid diamonds. 0Go easy on the rest of the makeup):

7. Graphic double glitter


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A clean yet impactful look – leave brows, lids, and face makeup-free (yes to a matte base) to emphasise the glitter eyeliner effect. The orange zest colour is good enough to eat, agreed?

8. Burnt orange

When you mix burnt orange eyeliner with an earthy eyeshadow makeup palette, the result is black gold. Throw in velvety eyelashes for some extra glamour.

9. Turquoise boho

This combination of gold and turquoise eyeshadow is perfect for dark eyes. The application order is the following: thin black eyeliner line, fate layer of the turquoise eyeshadow, golden glitter eyeliner, and sienna eyeshadow close to the defined eyebrow.

10. Glam black


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You need to pay equal attention to the brows and lashes as you do to the eyeliner for this perfection. It is essential to get a good set of brushes and define your eyebrows to let the silver tell the mysterious story.

11. Nude glitter 

Yes, glitter makeup doesn’t need to be all over the place. If you use glitter intentionally to create subtle light reflections, you can even pair it with nude or minimal makeup.

12. Daydreaming


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Apply brush-on concealer to correct any imperfections and a foundation to start with a clean slate face. Then all you need are black (or dark brown) and purple glitter eyeliner.

13. Lime animal print


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If neon makeup is your favourite, you will love this lime green makeup look with a contrasting orange leopard print. It is best done by professional makeup artists as it requires solid experience in applying precision makeup.

14. Hard candy pink

Contrary to more complicated eye makeup looks, this adorable pink makeup consists only of sugar candy eyeshadow and a single line of glittery pink eyeliner.

15. St. Valentine’s red

For the holiday that celebrates love, red is the perfect colour. Add some sparkle on your eyes and lips, and your St. Valentine makeup look is done. Keep the rest of the makeup subtle.

16. Disney Princess eyes


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When paired together and highlighted with shimmering texture, two pastel colours look great. When you need some childlike positivity in your life, take your gold liquid eyeliner and create this fantasy look that resembles skies and sunshine from Disney movie skies.

17. Blue glitter eyeliner


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You can call this fantastic eyeliner shade blue or green – it doesn’t matter. What matters is the effect. We are in love in this simple yet astonishing contrast that will be raise questions wherever you carry it. Complete the look with a shimmer foundation.

18. Glitter shadow+eyeliner

Choose an eyeshadow colour that complements your eyes and smudge it over your eyelid. Create subtle boundaries with a golden eyeliner. Because this look is ready in a few minutes and gives effects that will last for hours, you will quickly grow fond of it.

19. Only pink 

If you can colour your hair pink, as well, lucky you, you get extra points for fairytale looks! However, it is not necessary – you can pick up only the liner and the eyeshadow in a similar colour, and you’re done.

20. Liquid silver

Get your hands on some silver shimmer and add a purple eyeliner for extra sparkle. Use translucent powder to let your whole face get light.

Once you discover how glitter eyeliner can revamp any stale eye makeup looks, remove the tired face, and truly let your eyes shine, glitter eyeliner will become a standard tool in your makeup bag.

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