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30 Aug

Things are about to heat up! As summer starts to sizzle, the people come out to play for festival season. With every new year comes more inventive, creative and outrageous fashion, hair and beauty trends. Last year, we saw a bohemian trend at festivals with vivid colours, pastels and floral hair designs as seen in last year’s Hairspiration post. This year, we have shifted from Boho to more urban and retro vibes. Less seems to be more, with scantily clad styles ranging from cow girls in chaps to army girls in camo bodysuits.

Festivals are the only time outside of the runway people get to be as fun, free and creative with their hairstyles. It is so interesting to see new innovative designs, but also how the old is reinvented or infused. Thankfully, vivid colours, glitter, space buns and braids still stand strong. What a time to be alive! Here are all the latest crazes for your hairspiration to the next festival. Enjoy ladies!


Pravana always delivers the goods when it comes to colour. Spice it up and brighten up with these amazing colours splashed in rainbow like a unicorn. It’s surely one way to stand out from all the rest.


Are you from out of this world? Well, you can be in these space buns. I think this is a good look for the messy ones who want to keep their hair out of the festival craziness collateral. Loving these looks by @hairwithlinda and @loveisinthehair_byjanet 

Source Do it like the @eighty83three girls


Not just any ordinary braids, but braids woven with synthetic bright colours. These looks created by @hairwithlinda is the next big in!


The top knot has not gone out of style, just so simple it adds to a nice straight or wavy hair look. You can be creative like @loveisinthehair_byjanet with the way you part your hair.


Who said piercings are just for the body? Piercings can be for hair, too! Add these awesome hair piercings in gold or silver to bling up your braids.


Every girl loves her glitter. Sparkle and shine with some glitter on your roots. If possible, make sure to get biodegradable glitter to save marine life from eating this harmful micro-plastic that end up in our waterways.



Don’t be basic and bling it up with these military hats. Be extra and bedazzle your hat with rhinestones and everything that sparkles. You be the captain!


Why go though the trouble of tormenting your hair when you can just wear a wig and wear it big? This is a good solution for anyone unwilling to change hair colour or styles, but just be someone else for the day.


And not the kind of floral crowns we saw trending last year, but these bedazzled and glorious flower crowns like these ones I’ve been obsessed with by @chelseaflowercrowns. Some of these have already made an appearance at Coachella… so who knows? This could be the next look of the festival season. Let’s see how on point my psychic senses are, come 2019!

Have a wild time festival go-ers. Even these little ones are getting in on the trend – too cute to not share!

Samantha Bun

Samantha is our in-house content writer based in Sydney who covers all hair and beauty related topics. She has completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English Literature and a Master of Creative Writing at University of Sydney. In her spare time, she loves writing poetry in calligraphy for her Instagram @samanthabunpoetry

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