7 Amazing Nail Shapes You Didn’t Know About

November 9, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

As the Queen of Pop, Madonna, would say: “Express Yourself”. Like your hair, makeup and clothes, nails are also an outlet as a form of self-expression. Just like receiving a fresh blow-dry, getting your face beat by the Gods or buying a brand new outfit, a fresh manicure can perk your spirits right up, too. However, if you are wanting to jazz up your nail look but don’t know the name, I have got you covered from classic, chic to edgy and cool designs and shapes. Why not take a look below to see what nail shape will suit your mood.

1. Almond

The most feminine and classic shape out of the bunch. It elongates the fingers and can be easily achieved. With this shape, the nail is filed so that it is wider at the base and more tapered toward the tip coming into a rounded shape on the sides but pointed peak.  They can look good short with a more natural vibe, but still look quite feminine. But for the slender almond shapes, they do require so length.




2. Square

This nail look has no soft edges and depending on how long your nail is can look rectangular due to its precise straight edges to keep your nails strong. This look is simple and stylish and easily accomplished for those that have a hard time growing out long nails. Ensure that the edges are pointed to maintain that square look.




3. Oval

The Oval shape can be mistaken as the Almond shape in some cases. The difference is the fact that this nail look mimics the same width from base to tip. They are the strongest and least prone to break off easily. The shape widens narrow nails beds, but if you’re lucky enough to have long nail beds, the shape can be easily defined.




4. Squoval

If you can’t decide between the square shape or oval shape, why not get both? Try the Squoval shape. A hybrid of square and oval, this nail shape takes the sharp edges and corners away from the square shape to round them out for a softer look.  Squoval nails flatter all finger sizes and work well with both long and short nails. Unlike the square nail’s rounded edges, they will not catch onto anything and like the oval shape it will not break off easily.



5. Round

Usually worn with short nails, this round nail look is filed completely rounded off making them no fuss, neat and extremely durable. This look can be easily mistaken for the oval shape if worn long, but with the oval shape coming at a tapered rounded peak, this style is completely round on all angles.




6. Stiletto

Proven popular with a lot of celebrities, this shape gives a fierce and dramatic look. This nail shape looks outstanding long as they elongate the fingers, but it is not for the faint-hearted. This nail look can be achieved by filing all the sides of the nail down to reach a thin and sharp point. However, due to the fact that the edges are so extremely filed down the strength of the nail is lost so acrylics will be the best bet to go with this look.




7. Coffin


Coffin nails, also known as ballerina’s nails as they resemble a ballerina’s shoe, come tapered towards the front. However, instead of a point, it is filed to a straight line. This look adds an edge to the hands and your outfit, making the appearance of the fingers extended. This look may not be suited to everyone.

There you go guys, go on and nail it.

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