A Special Selection of the Best Hair Masks According to Hair Type

Best hair masks
March 7, 2021

Rachael Grant

The best hair masks work – they do a fantastic job to nourish and hydrate your scalp especially if your hair is dry, damaged or bleached. However, thinning and fine hair requires specific nutrients, as does frizzy or curly hair. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the problem the hair mask is trying to solve, first and foremost.

But even if you narrow down the selection by hair type, there are still so many hair mask brands on the market. How do you know what are the best hair masks, appreciated by customers and praised by hair experts? Here is a selection to help you pick up the top hair masks to invest in in 2021.

Best Hair Masks for Dry, Damaged and Bleached Hair

If you have dry hair or split ends, your hair may need frequent mask application. The frequency depends on personal preference. But it can start from once a week to several times a week. The hair mask for dry and damaged hair prone to split ends can replace your conditioner for dry hair. You can also use it separately, in which case, the mask comes first. Here is the ultimate selection of the best hair masks for dry and damaged hair:

 1. Brasil Cacau Extreme Repair Hair Mask 200ml

You can get the whole hair care set or just the repair mask. Whatever you choose, you cannot go wrong. Any choice will suffice your needs for restructuring and invigorating hair protein. The protein keratin is a building component of every hair. And the amino acids and the lactic acid included in the Brasil Cacau products are sure to restore it to normal.

2. L’Oreal Professional Blondifier Masque 500ml

It may be an expert solution mask, but it is fantastic for hairdressing enthusiasts, too. Thanks to Acai Berry polyphenols, you get the brilliance you deserve without any sticky, heavy residue. It is ideal for bleached hair Blondes, get the whole set of five products, if possible.

3. Inebrya Karyn Deep Shine Mask 1000ml

How do you keep coloured and treated hair healthy? It’s easy – give it the essential proteins via proteins from chia, quinoa, and pataua seeds. Body and shine at the same time? Who doesn’t want that in one product with edible seeds? Now you have it in Inebrya Karyn masks. Time to try a new purple colour by the same brand.

4. Pravana Intense Therapy Mask 150ml

After you cleanse and nourish the hair with the Pravana shampoo and conditioner, it is time to give it a special treat: Pravana Intense Therapy Mask will feed your scalp and reduce breakage by up to 98%. It is ideal for hair prone to split ends.

Best Hair Masks for Vegans

It is entirely understandable to support a cruelty-free policy and look for brands that don’t harm animals or the environment during their making. Although most hair products today aim to avoid hurting animals, certain brands are 100% on board with the vegan cause. Here are two high-quality hair masks that are suitable for vegans:

5. Fanola No Yellow Vegan Mask 1000ml

You probably know the famous white and violet Fanola bottles for removing brassy tones from blond hair. But have you noticed the colour-mirrored version of the regular product that is vegan-appropriate? Shea Butter is the main caring ingredient. The blonde hair mask is sulphate-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free.

 6. Inebrya Sakura Restorative Mask 1L

The cherry blossom extract in the Sakura mask is perfect for the hair and the scalp. Did we mention that it naturally boosts growth, and that is made from 100% vegan ingredients? Its clear rosy colour is refreshing and a real inspiration to return to nature in your haircare routine.

Best Hair Masks for Frizzy and Curly Hair

Frizz is among the most annoying hair issues. Curls are awesome unless they are nowhere near the bouncy volume or shape that you desire. It is a fact that the incorrect hair mask can ruin great curls and flatten waves and your end up with in-between style waves, curls, and brittle tresses. Each curly hair tells its own story, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution that will solve everyone’s frizz problems. But here are two solutions that we recommend:

7. Fanola No More The Styling Mask 200ml

Perfect for protecting and recreating curls and waves, the Fanola No More Styling Mask will shorten and simplify your styling process. Instead of ending with a triangle shape with curls weighing down the hair ends, the volume remains at the crown of your head.

8. Natural Look Static Free Anti Frizz Reconstructive Mask 1L

The air in hair salons is usually dry. Hairdryers contribute to an even quicker loss of hydration. The situation is no different if you spend too much time out in the sun and let your hair air-dry. Therefore, reserve a spot in your bathroom cabinet of professional hairdressing shelf for a reconstructive mask that locks-in moisture and fights hair status and frizz, keeping it perfect regardless of the conditions.

Best Hair Masks for Fine, Thinning Hair

Thin and brittle hair needs volume above all. However, it also requires thorough cleaning so it can absorb nutrients better. Check out these two options to improve volume, thickness, and shine of thin hair that falls.

9. Inebrya Black Pepper Iron Mask 1000ml

Apply the product evenly to detangle, smooth, and straighten thin hair. Unlike thin hair conditioners, masks for thin hair do not usually make the hair even more delicate.

 10. DNA Luxury Organics Primrose Reco Masque 150ml

If your hair requires fortifying ingredients but doesn’t need an oily texture, the DNA Organics Primrose mask known for its lovely scent will solve the problem. Thanks to its easy formula, you can be generous with the application and use it more frequently.


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The best hair masks will meet more than one criteria and be suitable for more than one type of hair. However, your personal favourite may tick only one of the boxes – therefore, choose according to priority. Complement the top hair mask for your personal use with a shampoo ideal for your hair type. Masks are hair essential, so take your time to find your darling. And, most importantly, don’t forget to use it!

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