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All That Glitters- Glitter Eye Makeup

Glitter eye makeup
October 11, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

Glitter Eye Makeup

G G G Glitter… Glitter can come in many shapes and forms; you have your obvious chunky glitter, dazzling loose pigments and finely milled glittery particles of dust. Most people can be intimidated with the notion of glitter. More than just a sparkly eye, there is a sense of wonder, bedazzlement and fun when it comes to glitter with these tiny hypnotic kaleidoscopic jewels of goodness. Glitter eye makeup will certainly get you attention and get people talking, but who said glitter is only for the festive season? Why not wear it all year round?

With the boom of social media trends, the public have spoken and the cosmetic companies have listened. In the past year or so, there has been newer, innovative and improved cosmetic approved grades of glitter on the market. These have come in many prototypes, palettes, pots, liquid liners, tubes with a sponge applicator, better adhesives, tweezers for glitter pieces and many more. The possibilities are endless, so why not try using these pretty looks for day and night events?

Down below are some inspiring looks to add to your day and night makeup wear:

Glitter Eyeliner

If you’re too scared to go a full blown eyelid on the glitter, try a sophisticated look with just a swipe of glitter eyeliner. Just take your jet black liner and do a wing and then place the sparkly glitter eyeliner on top with a little hint of glitter above the upper lash line for an exaggerated cat-eye look. After you have completed your desired eye shadow look, you do your winged liner and apply a glitter eyeliner on top. Melbourne based make up artist and instagrammer Selin Ciciek showcases her on-fleek liner skills by using Urban Decay’s Glam Rock heavy Metal Glitter liner to achieve the silver sparkles on top of her black eyeliner look. That certainly gives the classic black cat eye some sparkle.


Double Eyeliner with Glitter

Instead of using glittery liner on top of the black liner, why not use it above and along the liner for something a little different but still with some subtle glitz. If glitter is too fiddly for you, opt for metallic shades as an accent. The look is suitable for any kind of setting and the quickest way to get your look from day time office winged liner to voila! Metallic night time glam. Here we have Sydney based makeup artist and Youtuber Makeup with Jah showing us how to slay this look.


Glitter Inner Corner

This trick is one of the easiest ways to get your eyes looking brighter and more awake. Swap your shimmery pressed powder for a touch of glitter to apply in the inner part of your eye with a light, bright glitter. Grab your favourite glitter like coloured pigment and a small eye brush like Palldaio’s smudge brush, or even just the tip of your ring finger, and go nuts. From afar the glitter makeup makes you look super alert and up close lets people see some sparkle. You don’t want to be too heavy handed on the glitter for this look either just a dash will do. Here we have makeup artist and instagrammer Belinda Masri using glitter in her inner corner to highlight and open that area of her eye, she has used glitter from US brand Eye Kandy Cosmetics in Tutti Frutti as her glitter eye makeup choice.


Glitter Bottom Lash line

For a different approach to smoking out your bottom lash line, why not try to glitter it out? The look can be flirty and sexy. Because of it being applied on the lower lash line, your eyes look brighter and it’ll add a dose of colour to an otherwise basic makeup look. Or you can apply bold colours of Electric blue, Emerald green or Sky blue in metallic shades with silver sparkles in them with our Palladio range of Glitter Eyeliner at the bottom on a nude matte eye, but with coats and coats of mascara.


Glitter Eyeshadow On The Mobile Lid

An oldie but a goodie, using a simple glitter based on the main eyeshadow colour components is a no-brainer when using glitter for this look. With this look, you can slay it for a night time with dark or bright hues and opt for neutral colours during the day for shimmers in taupe, bronze and brown shades for more of an appropriate office look. Then, if you want to after a long day in the office, you can load on a darker, bolder shade for a perfect going-out beauty look or pair it with a bold lip if your eyes are a nude shade. This look may be a little heavy for some but it does give it more of a playful look than your average smoky eye. Plus, it ends up looking really pretty in the dim lighting. Here is Sydney makeup artist at instragrammer Carla Vallelonga using both her Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette and Modern Renaissance palettes. 


Defined Glitter Cutcrease Shadow

With a cut crease, this look really defines the meaning of “twinkle in the eye” or in this case, twinkle on the eyelid! Glitter cut creases can be done in many ways. In this case, this is a defined glitter cut crease shadow on the mobile eyelid. Here Instagrammer and makeup addict Nataliya Stefani from Brisbane showcases her sparkly warm nude glitter cut crease on her eyes. Nataliya uses the Huda Beauty palette as well as Sportsgirl’s lip topper to give her eyelids that dramatic twinkle. This look will most definitely pick up on camera, too.

Subtle Glitter Cutcrease

Sparkly New Zealander beauty blogger, makeup artist and Instagrammer Lauren Hughes show cases a cut crease with glitter liner inside her crease to give us that eye catching yet subtle cut crease with some gold flakes of shimmer. It’s eye-catching, pretty and, with a little practice, is easy to throw on. This gives a softer approach to the crease definition compared to the eye makeup look above. Here Lauren has used Violet Voss’ glitter adhesive and Venus glitter to achieve this mesmerising glitter eye makeup look.

However, if some of these looks are too extreme for you, you can also dabble and experiment by using the metallic shades in your make up bag. There are no rules when it comes to makeup – have fun with it and get creative. If you have any other glitter eye makeup tips, please feel free to share them below!

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