November 27, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

AMAZON Beauty – We’ve Teamed Up

Amazon, when you think of Amazon you think of three things. One, being the Amazonian Rainforest, two the athletic, lean figures of Amazonian women and three the colossal online retailer beginning its origins in America and now taking the world by storm by opening up its online store to Australian consumers. Oh boy, we are excited for Amazon beauty!


What is Amazon? And Why is it so great?

Wait a minute? Didn’t Amazon just start by only selling books? Yes, that is true  Amazon first opened its door by selling books online via Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive office Jeff Bezo’s garage in 1994. And now over the years, Amazon has moved from books to anything you can ever imagine to sell online. So now with AMR joining the Amazon family, you can see our products on the Amazon web page in the following.

With the anticipation of Amazon arriving onto Australian shores soon this is a great new sales outlet for Australian retailers, distributors, wholesaler and manufacturers like us here at AMR. Amazon offers us a new platform to get our products out to the public nationally and internationally. Unlike other companies, Amazon can offer you what you want to buy and then deliver it to you.

What is such an amazing thing about the website is that it is super user-friendly and with the click of a button you can condense your search to maximise or minimise a particular item that you are on the hunt for? The specific filter options on the side allow you to specifically choose what you want whether it be specifically shipping to Australia only items, vegan only products, specific brands you are after, alcohol-free products, clear-cut price points, customer rating review products and many more.

What Amazon beauty products you can expect to see

Amazon is known for its huge selection of different brands mixing from the extremely affordable Indie brands to your more high end and luxe brands.

AMAZON Beauty- Makeup

The Amazon beauty selection has an extensive range of cosmetics, makeup tools and brushes in the Makeup department. Amazon beauty stocks top luxe brands like Elizabeth Arden, Stila, Jane Iredale, RCMA, Laura Mercier, Eyeko, Too Faced, Jouer, The Balm, Lorac, Etude House and Mehron and just to name a few. In collaboration with Amazon, we at AMR hair and beauty will be joining forces and will offer our range of makeup with our brands like Palladio, Stargazer, Eco Tools, Modelrock, Speare, Redist Professional and our Glammar range in the mix.

Amazon Makeup
Amazon Makeup


AMAZON Beauty- Tanning

To get you bronze and glow all year round, in the tanning department, we are happy to announce that AMR hair and beauty shall be offering our brands of St Tropez, Bondi Sands, Minetan and B.Tan to get your skin that you’re in tan ready.


Amazon Tan Brands
Amazon Tan Brands


AMAZON Beauty- Haircare

When it comes to professional hair care look no further than to us and AMAZON Beauty. As we all have contrasting hairstyles and unique hair types, different brands offer different hair needs so not all hair care formulas are the same therefore we will also be stocking Amazon’s haircare shelves with our brands like our very own 18 in 1, Fanola, Fanola Oro Therapy, Barber Culture, Dumb Blonde, Inebrya, Instant Rockstar, Blackwood, Design Look, Be Hair and  O3 Hair. Hand in hand with brands that they have collaborated with like Bed Head, Conair, Remington, John Frieda and Herbal Essences.

Amazon Haircare
 Amazon Haircare


AMAZON Beauty-Skincare

Undoubtedly as we all have different style and preferences when it comes to hair and makeup choices but one universal thing we can all agree on and that is having radiant, clear and glowing skin. Having good skin is the ultimate goal. So to bring more variety to Amazon consumers AMR hair and beauty shall offer brands like Red One, Byotea, Natural Look, Black and Red Collection and Bianna to you along with brands that Amazon already stock like Mario Badescu, Mustela, La Roche Posay, L’Occitane and Bioderma. We love all the ranges that Amazon skincare has to offer!

Honestly, Amazon Australia has everything you’ll ever need related to hair care, skin and beauty! How have your Amazon experiences been? Comment below.

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