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An Electric Hair Brush: Does Such A Thing Exist?

electric hair brush
September 16, 2020

Rachael Grant

Are you the type of person who loves blow-dried hair but hates putting in the effort? What about straightening after it, it’s tedious, right? Your not alone, in fact, someone thought it was so much of a problem that they invented a new solution! I bet you’re now thinking “Sure something like that exists but Australia is behind the times” and normally I’d agree. It’s with great pleasure I’m wrong. We’ve got a few options on the market, some even being launched her the same time as the USA! So to answer the question of whether or not an electric hair brush exists, the answer is yes!

So now you’re probably excited to think that such things are on offer but still a little unsure how they work, right? Here we’re going to discuss the types of stylised hair electrical brushes that are on offer and how to use them!

How Does An Electric Hair Brush Work?

Electric hair brushes are probably just what you’re picturing. They are a cross between a traditional brush and a hot styling tool (mostly). They’ve been specifically designed to help shorten the time it takes to straighten your hair. They also act as a detangler, making them a 2 in 1. So how do they work? Well, most electric hairbrushes heat the base and bristles to an optimum temperature to help straighten the hair. 180 degrees celsius is recommended for the healthiest temp, with most electric brushes offering temperature control so you can alternate if needed. New innovations are even steering away from heated styling and are looking towards cryotherapy hair treatments. BabylissPRO is the first to use freezing temperatures to manipulate hairstyles with The Coldbrush™!

You use the brush to straighten your hair, reduce frizz and add shine to the hair. They tend to add more volume than if you were to use a flat iron, although they don’t straighten as effectively as a single purpose iron. That being said, there are a few tips and tricks to getting the perfect do.

Electric Hair Brush Straightening Tips:

Firstly, always ensure you add heat protectant to the hair! This will help to prevent your hair from drying out and snapping. It’s also more likely to reduce the frizz, woo!

Secondly, brush from underneath the hair. You’ll be more likely to create volume this way. Also, be sure to start from the roots and work your way down to your ends slowly. It’s just like using a regular brush, after all, you wouldn’t ever work in the opposite direction unless teasing it!

Thirdly, never use it on wet hair. Some stylers claim that it’s safe to do so. While the idea is appealing, you don’t want to risk potential heat damage. Even with a protectant, you’re still likely to cause damage to the hair follicles!

Fourthly, carefully consider the results you’re hoping to achieve and be realistic. An electric brush is excellent for straightening but won’t help you curl. Also, it’s important to note that if you have really curly hair the results may not be as effective as using a flat iron.

Use on clean hair and remove knots prior to straightening. This helps avoid snapping the hair and it getting caught. Clean hair is easier to glide through, so it will hurt less too!

Picking An Electric Hair Brush:

Firstly, when selecting any product for your hair, consider it’s purple and your lifestyle. Do you need something quick and easy to use? Perhaps you are wanting to take your time or the opposite and need something on the go? Either way, there are plenty of options out there and options to meet all budgets!


If you travel often and want something to use on the road, consider a cordless travel straightening brush. They won’t get through as much hair are other brands but perfect if you’ve got a planned camping trip and want to spruce up!

As Cold As Ice:

Want to ensure heat damage is a thing of the past? Get your hands on the Coldbrush that gets to negative temperatures! It is great for removing frizz and adding shine!

Quick & Professional

Want something that will give you professional results but doesn’t require a skilled hand? The GHD Glide Smoothing Hot Brush will help eliminate frizz, add shine and smooth out the hair! Build to last, the GHD range is ergonomic and practical. It’s to the higher end of the budget but well worth it!

Best Bang For Buck

The Silverbullet Mini Hybrid brush is compact but effective. It’s reasonably priced and produces quality results. It’s the perfect size to take travelling too and lightweight!

The options are limitless with so many types of hair electrical products to explore. Don’t forget to always use a heat protectant and read the instructions before attempting anything! Have you used an electrical brush before? Comment your experience below!

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