Best Kryolan Foundation: 10 Tried and Tested Long Lasting Products

Kryolan Foundation
January 20, 2020

Rachael Grant

Kryolan foundation products are famous for their versatility, great coverage, and professional makeup effects. Sometimes, you will need a well-covered face with makeup that lasts from mornings till evenings. Kryolan full coverage foundation is perfect for those long business meetings and weddings. Other times, just a quick touchup with a paintstick will do. Contouring asks for having more than one foundation in your makeup bag. Stage or fashion show makeup must be perfect under lights and cameras and therefore stronger, just as provided by the Kryolan makeup range for professionals.

And if you require more theatrical makeup you want to do solo, you will need to carefully consider your options to get the best Kryolan foundation without overspending. Daily use foundations are a completely different story and a beauty tool you’d like to invest in. 

How to Choose the Ideal Kryolan Foundation

Do you usually spend a fair amount of time experimenting until you find what works for you the best? We all know the outcome of makeup trends when expertly layered on a cleverly chosen appropriate foundation. -No blotching, smearing, or insufficient coverage – just perfect blending and radiance that lasts for hours. With the abundance of choices offered by the resourceful beauty brand comes the difficulty of deciding which item to pick. Firstly, think about which foundation is appropriate for your skin type or fits the occasion. To avoid the time and effort spent on makeup testers, we’ve created a selection of the best Kroloan foundations for different skins and occasions.

1. Kryolan Perfect Matt Gel

Prep before putting on makeup is all about clear and matte skin. For a good solid base that will help the makeup stick on greasier skin, use this matt gel before you apply the Kryloan foundation. Removing any impurities and smoothing out the skin will create a welcoming surface for foundation application, which is a common beauty trick used by makeup artists. Now that you know the secret, you can achieve the same by yourself. 

2. Kryolan Ultra Fluid Foundation 

Use it on its own to variate medium coverage that’s perfect for normal to combination skin.  You can also combine it with one of the Kryolan foundations with shimmer effect to make your face glow. Due to its lightweight formula, it’s ideal for frequent use. The ultra-fluid foundation may become a staple Kryolan product in your bag for a long time to come.

3. Kryolan Ultra Cream Powder Foundation Compact 

Pressed Kryolan foundations with a powder puff will do the magic when you don’t want to have your hands all stained. The ultra-cream powder foundation by Kryolan can be used as solidified bottle makeup, providing a velvet finish. It is perfect for touchups throughout the day when you commute, are out for a coffee, or at work. Bonus: it includes a mirror, so it will free extra room in your purse on nights out and save you bathroom trips only to use the mirror. 

4. Dual Finish Powder Foundation

“The perfect foundation doesn’t ex…” – this may be the truth until you discover dual finish. To achieve a double goal with a single compact foundation, consider getting the 2-in-1 pressed Kryolan foundation. It works as a liquid base when applied on wet skin or as a compact powder for daily touchups and corrections if applied with a brush on dry skin. 

5. Kryolan TV Paintstick

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You don’t have to become a professional in the industry to use the precision of painting and showcase the power of makeup transformation, at least when it comes to simple application with the Kryolan TV Paintstick. Alongside concealers, foundation sticks can quickly become your best ally for quick, smooth application. They provide full-face coverage, as well as corrections on smaller facial surfaces.

6. Kryolan Shimmer Event Foundation

Although some consider them festive or occasion makeup, light-reflective products are not necessarily that limited. Available in bronze, amber, golden beige, and silver, the Kryolan shimmer event foundation can illuminate your face to a greater extent. This can be done when you apply it all over or emphasise certain high points on your face. Apply it gently under bright sunlight for the ultimate sun glow. The sunscreen factor is included, so there is no need to worry, as far as skin health is concerned. Bonus for that Australian sun!

7. Kryolan Satin Powder

More of a finishing touch than an essential Kryolan foundation, the satin powder is a solution for superbly light and fine coverage when used on its own. It can also be used to illuminate your already well-covered face with an extra iridescent layer. Carefully pat it on typically highlighted features – cheekbones, temples, brow bones, the bridge of the nose, and the Cupid’s bow for best results. 

8. Kryolan Translucent Powder

Sometimes, mattifying the skin needs to be done after you apply the foundation of your choice. Use the finely-milled translucent powder by Kryolan which comes in cold and warm hues to polish the skin to perfection. It covers shiny areas without suffocating the face with overly dense foundation layers.

9. Dermacolor Fixing Powder

Kryolan Dermacolor range is famous for its high-pigmented products for extremely good camouflaging. Needless to say, makeup artists love it when doing professional makeup with a long-lasting effect. Products from this range not only last for hours, but they can also cover skin imperfections such as discolouration, uneven pigmentation, disfigurements, scaring, and tattoos

The fixing powder for this range is lighter and intended for waterproof makeup setting to prevent smudging under hot weather, rain, or crowded bars and clubs. 

10. Kryolan Erase Stick

You cannot do high-quality makeup without a good concealer. The name of the Kryolan Erase Stick says it all: if your face is the canvas to create stunning makeup looks, you need to start from a neutral base. Do this by eliminating all shadows, darker areas, or problematic spots before you choose the matching Kryolan foundation texture and beautify with colours. Don’t confuse the erase stick with the TV paintstick – the latter is more used as a foundation, while the first is used to cover tiny blemishes and is this available in a wider range of colours. 

One of the most cherished benefits of Kryolan products is they can be used on the body, too. Many Kryolan foundations, especially those with high-density pigmentation are ideal for body marks correction. Therefore, when you make your choice, consider what is your primary use and go for the product that is likely to tick most of the boxes.  

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