Best Shampoo For Blonde Hair – Secrets To The Perfect Blonde

August 24, 2017

Samantha Bun

The best shampoo for blonde hair is the question everyone wants to know, especially with the shift in seasons! Thank goodness spring is coming soon to bring us glorious sun and chase away the winter blues. If you are a blondie, now is your time to shine! Let the sun bounce off your hair and make heads turn as you walk into a room. There are ways you can keep your blonde locks radiant this spring and summer. It is all about knowing the correct maintenance that will keep your hair looking smooth, healthy and shiny.  Best shampoo for blonde hair is just one of the ways you can get the perfect colour this season.

You have probably seen all the hype and craze about Fanola’s No Yellow shampoo all over social media, and there is no surprise as to why the product is such a hit. It works wonders! Fanola’s No Yellow will tone all the uneven yellow and brass colours from your hair to make your blonde look… even blonder! But it doesn’t just end there. There are so many other steps you need to take to maintain the health and quality of your beautiful blonde. If you are wary of the damaging effect that stripping can have on your hair, here are some essential tips on keeping your blonde luscious.

Fanola Fiber Fix

Fiber Fix

When you go to your hairdresser to get your hair bleached, you may notice they offer a -plex treatment like Olaplex or Cureplex, which basically improves the quality of your hair while lifting or colouring the hair, leaving your hair smooth and silky even while stripping away the colour. What happens in this process is your hair cuticle opens and the bleach penetrates it to change the hair structure and ultimately change the hair colour.

This process can be incredibly damaging as the bleach breaks the bonds in your hair and eats into the hair cuticle. Therefore, -Plex treatments are important, and Fibre Fix has been proven to create excellent results as it is highly concentrated in amino acids that simultaneously penetrates the hair to strengthen and seal the hair’s structural bond during a bleaching session. It restores the hair’s natural keratin bonds to reinforce sulphur bridges that have been damaged and keeps the hair plump and shiny in the process.

This is the first and most crucial step in ensuring your hair is baby soft from the beginning.

Best Shampoo For Blonde Hair – No Yellow Shampoo

This is considered to be the best shampoo for blonde hair by many hairdressers and bloggers on social media. Once you have your bleached blonde hair, No Yellow shampoo will help tone brassy yellow to achieve your desired ashy lavender blonde with its strong violet pigmented formula. The results are dependent on how long you allow the No Yellow to work its magic. The longer you leave it in, the more it will tone your hair. You can always let it soak into your hair for 10 minutes while you go about doing some housework or answer emails, and then come back to see wonderful results! The formula is so strong you will also need to make sure you equip yourself with some disposable gloves to avoid getting purple fingers.

Remember that the first shampoo always opens the hair cuticle and a second shampoo will be needed to remove any dirt and grime. Be mindful that No Yellow will not tone orange hair as only blue will counteract orange (watch this space for No Orange). Although No Yellow has magical toning effects, the shampoo can also leave the hair feeling a bit dry. This is why you need to take the next important step to caring for your hair…

No Yellow Mask
No Yellow Shampoo and Mask

Most people often neglect this essential step to maintaining the healthy hair and wonder why their hair is so dead and dry. Remember that your hair has been stripped to achieve your desired blonde colour. On top of this, it has been exposed to heat and other environmental factors such as the sun’s rays. After a shampoo, your hair cuticles are open, so you need to seal the cuticle by applying a conditioner or mask treatment.

To help improve the results of your hair, Fanola has released the brand new No Yellow Mask with a special violet pigment to neutralise the undesired yellow reflection while also leaving hair soft, shiny and silky. The mask is enriched with Castor Oil, Wine Extract and Hydrolyzed Silk to replenish the hair and lock in moisture after the shampoo. Simply leave the mask treatment in for 3-5 minutes and ta-da! Baby soft hair.

… or No Orange Shampoo and Mask – Best shampoo for blonde hair

But wait, is your hair yellow or orange? It is simple science: Violet counteracts yellow and blue counteracts orange. If you have orange tinges in your hair after a lightening service (especially in stubborn Asian hair like mine) then you will need a No Orange shampoo as the No Yellow will have no effect on orange hair. Fanola has released a No Orange shampoo and mask that will be soon be launched in Australia. In the mean time, we also have available the 18 in 1 Blue Shampoo and Mask which also works a wonder in eliminating those orange tones. It’s all about finding the best shampoo for blonde hair that suits you! Sometimes you may need to use both blue and purple shampoos, it can’t hurt to alternate!

18 in 1 Blue Shampoo
18 in 1 Blue Treatment Mask



Heat Protectant

This is another vital step in maintaining your hair colour and quality. Not many people know that heat can alter the colour of your hair. Try running your straightener over one section of your hair and notice the difference in appearance as it burns the colour. So just imagine how your everyday heating and styling, combined with the sun’s rays, can impact the shine of your hair. Hence, we need to take protective measures and utilise heat resistant products in before styling to minimise the damage created by hot tools.

My favourite product to use to achieve this overall purpose is the 18 in 1 Smoothing Cream which provides thermal protection whilst also enriching hair with Argan Oil, Keratin, Panthenol and Vitamin E. It also makes your hair easier to style and protects from humidity and harmful UV rays, so it is an all-in-one and my favourite product on the shelf.

18 in 1 Smoothing Cream

So, make sure you keep up this routine to make sure your hair stays soft, silky and full of colour. Everybody knows that a dull blonde makes your hair look flat and dead, so give everyone something to compliment and talk about by maintaining the health of your blonde hair and shine everywhere you go!

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