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Blonde Wand: The Secret To A Faster Blonde

blonde wand: secret to a faster blonde
January 29, 2020

Rachael Grant

Is Blonde Wand the magic wand that will give you a lighter, brilliant blond hair in a nick of time? It’s not a wand that could turn a frog into a prince. For that, you need a special kiss. But it will shorten the way to becoming blonde and that is sometimes even better than shapeshifting. Blonde Wand by Pravana is a revolutionary hair lightening technology that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. It can highlight your hair up to seven shades lighter in very little time.

Why The Blonde Wand? Don’t We Have Enough Blonde Products Already?

For those of us who are fans of lighter blonde hair colour, hair colouring and bleaching can be exhausting and expensive. 

Think about all those hours you need to spend in a salon to get the desired colour! First, you need to do bleaching or colour removal. Bleach is mandatory if you want to highlight your hair for more than 3 to 4 shades. This counts for both virgin and coloured hairstyles. 

It takes as long as 30 to 45 minutes for the bleach to alter the dark colour. If you have naturally darker brown to black coloured hair, one bleaching treatment won’t work. It will take at least two or three bleaching sessions. And if you have continually subjected yourself to dark colouring treatments, your hairdresser might also decide to do colour removal. Add the time to recolour the highlights to the previous procedures, and you end with spending a full day at a hair salon!

So, naturally, someone thought that it would be wise to spare both clients and hairdressers from all that unnecessary spent time. The effective wand processes lighteners faster and helps with lighter nuances without causing additional damage to the hair. 

Who wouldn’t want to get healthy blonde hair in half the time and spend the remaining hours on cocktails or beach trips? We vote yes.

How Does Blonde Wand Actually Work?

The Blonde Wand is a thermal hairstyling tool for fast hair lightening. It looks like a flat iron or a hair straightener with wider plates. 

But it’s definitely not a tool for straightening your hair. Straighteners stick to the hair and pull through, with the heat acting directly in contact with the hair. 

If you carefully observe the Blonde Wand, you will see that the hair is not immediately exposed to the heat. There is a space between the plates that keep the heat from damaging the hair, while still working on faster processing. 

Safety is a major concern for most users. Will it additionally damage the hair? Will it completely ruin split ends and make the hair look even duller? In fact, by using a wand according to the instructions, you will minimise the damage. The heat doesn’t clamp the hair. It wraps it gently by leaving enough space for self-preservation.


Unlike most other flat irons, it doesn’t have a temperature control switch. It is set to ideally lighten with the matching products. Paired with the Pravana Pure Light creme lightener, it can give you the desired shade in seconds, not in minutes. You still need to apply bleach and developer. But instead of waiting for half an hour, you can get the same effect in ten seconds. The Pure Lightener contains nourishing ingredients, such as coconut oil, which maintains hair moisture and elasticity. Used under the wand heat, the oil gets deeper into the core of the fibre.

Heat generally improves colour penetration deep into the hair. However, going into temperature extremes is not great, too. Take the conventional hair heater for example. It works on the full scalp by half-circular movements around the head. This is great if you need a complete change of your hair colour. The advantage of the Pravana wand is that you can use it sectionally or only on certain highlights. The wand can also be used for gradient colouring.  

 In this way, you can really play with the blonde hues and achieve modern hairstyles like balayage to perfection. If you compare the Blonde Wand to the hair heater, it’s obvious the latter is more simple. It looks that even DIY home hair experiments with the wand turn into success:

What’s the Best Way to Use It?

If you work as a hairstylist and keep in mind the above recommendations, the Blonde Wand will vastly improve your services. Everyone wants a safe, innovative, time-saving tool for amazing blond highlights.

That being said, you can variate the use for gradient colouring while reading Pravana product instructions for colours, developers, and hair care products. For example, Pure Lightener can be used on its own, as well. Nonetheless, it’s very gentle and its formula is created for the wand specifically. Pravana also has a range of classic and modern hair colours and colour boosters, which add up to the maximum outcome.  

Use foils to apply bleach:

All pre-cut foils may not work. It is best to get a foil roll and make your own foil pieces that will fit the hairstyle you are creating. As always, balance out the bleach transition by starting from the ends and going to the roots. Make sure to dilute the application close to the roots to avoid colour bands. They don’t look nice and will ruin the effect. 

Wrap the foils and take the Blonde Wand to apply heat: 

You will notice that you don’t need to pull through because the plates don’t hold the foils. This would be the perfect moment to see the power of the tool in practice. Extremely dark hair may take several minutes to lighten, while lighter virgin hair will go lighter within seconds.

Remove the foils and proceed with washing the hair:

You may use the Pravana Intense Therapy shampoo specialised to thoroughly clean any hair residue. Additionally, if you want to tone the hair, grab a Pravana toner, designed to gently change the basic colour. This is usually done by adding a violet hue or making it look chocolatey or natural. 

Finalise with hair masks:

Highlighting is stressful for the hair, regardless of how careful you are during the procedure. Applying nurturing products and blonde enhancing masks is a natural consequence of chemically and thermally altering the hair structure. Give it the appropriate TLC and you will be the queen of blondes.

Is the Pravana Wand expensive? It is not cheap but it’s definitely worth the money, as it enhances hairdressing services by cutting down on one of the most precious commodities of all – time. Therefore, it’s ideal for busy clients who don’t mind spending a little extra to save a bit more time for leisure.

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