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CASMARA: Your Introductory Guide To Stunning Skin

December 6, 2020

Rachael Grant

Looking after your skin is more important than you think. It is the house that helps to protect all your organs and prevents things like infections occurring. For a more vane reason, people focus on their skin and skincare as it helps them to look youthful, radiant and feel good about themselves. When picking the right skincare, it can be a tough decision, especially with so many products on the market. We’re here to throw another in the mix, meet Casmara.

Casmara has been in the beauty and skincare industry for more than 45 years. Today, the brand is found in more than 70 countries worldwide and it’s continually growing. Australia finally has the range here, and we’re proud to be the exclusive distributors! So what products can you expect to find in the Casmara range here in Australia? Let’s get to know what’s available and how it applies to you!

Casmara’s Beauty Plans: 

There are a number of ranges found under the Casmara brand. Each is uniquely designed with a specific purpose to help combat a number of skin concerns. You’ll need to consider your skin type and the concern you are planning to combat to help find the best match for you.

The purifying range was made to help improve the oxygen levels that reach your cells. This is done by creating a range of products made to help detox at all levels. The skin is deeply cleansed, removing impurities and dirt from the skin, helping to make you feel radiant, confident and cleansed. Casmara has put a great deal of research behind the brand and it’s backed by science. If you’re the type of person who loves exfoliating and cleansing, this range is a game-changer for all ages!


Are you wanting to help reduce the signs of ageing?  We all are right! The Antioxidant range is designed specifically to help you with that! Wrinkle lines and expression lines are softened, and added moisture can be found in this formula. As you age, the elasticity in the skin decreases, so it’s important to try and add it back in after the age of 30. Bonus points if you start a good skincare regime before then!  Some of the key ingredients found within this range include goji berry, beet betaine and honey.


Do you suffer from very dry skin or classify yourself as an older person? If so, this is the best product range for you. The vitalising range helps to double cellular energy through Coenzyme Q10. The results of these products are seen to energise, firm and increase elasticity in the skin. Vitamin C is another of the key players making this formula so effective.

Shine Control:

Does your skin tend to give off shine? Help to regulate oily skin through the use of Casmara Shine Control. One of the biggest oil causing factors is sebum, so they’ve created a product specifically designed to help control those sebum levels. Shine Stop is also another popular product in the range. By using this range, you can expect your skin to feel balanced, clean, renewed and with a more youthful appearance. Additionally, it will appear more matte rather than shiny.


Do you suffer from dark spots? The lightening range helps to visibly reduce dark spots and helps to delay ageing. It repairs damage that is often caused by external factors as well as softening the skin and offers a more even tone. Melanin is often the cause of dark spots on the skin, so the formula targets the hyperpigmented areas and helps to ensure that no new dark spots arise.

Age Defense: 

The Age Defense beauty plan is best suited for those above the age of 35. The purpose of this range is to help prevent and improve visible signs of ageing. Wrinkle depth is minimised while increasing the protective barrier of the skin from the elements. Pro & prebiotics are found within the formula to help restore the microbiome through moisturisation and nutrition.


Those who are aged over 40 will benefit the most from Casmara’s Hydralifting range. With Marine biotechnology, your skin will be left feeling fresh and firm. This range is 100% natural and contains wakame kelp, which activates 14 genes that are responsible for skin firmness. Expect to see visibly rejuvenated skin after 15 days of use thanks to the 24-hour moisture active ingredient!

Cleansers & Exclusive Products


Casmara has several cleansers on offer that are all used to safely remove external agents such as makeup from the skin. Some act as 3 in 1 cleanser, while specific ones such as the dermopurifying oily skin product, will help to regulate excess oils, which also reduces the formation of dark spots and blackheads! Cleansers should be used daily as a minimum in your skincare routine.

Super Concentrate: 

Casmara offers super-concentrated formulas to help quickly target problem areas of the skin. The 4D Power Lift is designed to help firm the skin and offer 24hr hydration that fills in wrinkles from the inside! Young and radiant skin is the primary goal of this product while the Night Cure is used for overnight repair and rejuvenation.

Eye Contour Care: 

Under your eyes is often one of the most common spots that wrinkles appear. To help reduce wrinkles around the eyes and help to slow them down, applying cream frequently is recommended. There is a range specifically dedicated to helping repair the eye area and gives off a botox effect. Other products in the range help to reduce puffiness and dark spots too!

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Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contour Cream = powerful wrinkle eraser. Here’s why! Its active ingredient, ARGIRELINE®, is an anti-aging peptide formulated with 6 natural amino acids that softens repetitive facial movements (botox effect), capable of delaying the appearance of wrinkles and soften existing ones.💛🌟 The result: perfect rejuvenated eye area! —— Eye Contour anti-wrinkle = potente borrador de arrugas. ¡Te desvelamos una de las razones! Su activo ARGIRELINE® es un péptido antiedad formulado con 6 aminoácidos naturales que suaviza los movimientos faciales repetitivos (efecto bótox), capaz de frenar la aparición de arrugas y atenuar las ya existentes.💛🌟 ¡El resultado es una mirada perfecta y rejuvenecida! #casmara#original#since1974#skin#aesthetics#laboratory#skincare#professionaluse

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Casmara also has a range of incredible masks that are algae peel-off masks. Since 1979, Casmara has been the original and exclusive creators that helps to cool the skin by up to 6 degrees. With a number of masks in the range, you’ll be able to find products suited for rejuvenation to masks for combating ageing. Some exclusive ranges include Hydra Mask, Vitalizing Mask, Longevity Mask, Purifying and Antioxidant masks.

How To Select The Best Casmara Product For You: 

Selecting any skincare can be a tough feat. There are a number of important factors to consider. The most important thing to think about when looking at a range of treatments is to consider what you’re hoping to address. You’ll also need to factor in your skin type, to ensure that the treatment is compatible with your skin. Where possible, try and do a test patch before using a product over your body. Also, remember if you’ve been going through hormonal changes or treatments such as chemo, your skin may react differently.

Our best advice is to take into account your age, environmental factors and skin type. Make sure you’re also following a good skincare routine otherwise, no matter how much money you spend, you won’t see the results. It’ll take time, dedication and perseverance but getting flawless skin isn’t impossible. Do your research and look into the ingredients in the products you use. If you want cheap skincare, you get what you pay for. If you’re using the range for spa treatments in a beauty salon, you want the best quality, as do your clients. Give them something that they’ll continue to come back and ask for regularly.

Have you tried Casmara before? Comment below with your experience!


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