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Create Flushed, Gleaming Cheeks with Pink Blush Makeup

pink blush makeup
April 11, 2021

Rachael Grant

Pink blush makeup works for everyone and everywhere. When you match the right pink blush to your skin tone, you make your skin glow, looking like you’ve spent an hour at the gym. Are you the one that doesn’t like sweating to achieve the same results? Then this pink blush makeup advice will save the day.

Every woman has one makeup product she doesn’t leave the house without – if blush is yours, read on!

How to Pick Pink Blush Makeup for Your Skin

The general rule of thumb is to adjust the bush shade to your skin tone – light, medium, or dark. The correct shade of pink blush will depend on whether you apply bronzer, highlighter, or contour your face. Your preference for natural pink blush shades or a more theatrical look also matters.

Let us solve the above conundrums by creating a selection of the best pink blushes for soft and cool skin undertones.

Skin Tone and Skin Undertone?

It is vital to note that skin tone and skin undertone are not the same terms. You can have pale skin with warm undertones as much as you can have dark skin with cool, bluish undertones. Olive skin is a combination of both cool and warm tones so it deserves special attention when picking the makeup palette or your favourite foundation.

(Here is how to do a quick undertone test to decide what undertone dominates your face skin.)

Best Pink Blush for Fair Skin

You can choose any shade from light rose to dark coral. For occasions that require lighter, natural makeup, go fairy easy on the bright rose shades. Soft pink blush such as baby pink is ideal for a modest flushed look – the one you get after a good night sleep.

Choose darker peach or coral shades you can pair with your body bronzer for a sun-kissed glow on tanned skin.

Best Pink Blush for Medium Skin

Medium skin tone is flattering because it gives you an assortment of pink blush shades you can play with without ending looking like a clown. The darker your skin tone, the safer are your options to experiment with deeper, more versatile blush shades. Mauve pink is perfect for medium skin with cool undertones.

Warm-toned medium skin will look beautiful in bright crimson blush and bold red lips (You can even add red eye makeup look for a bit of a glam drama.)

Best Pink Blush for Dark Skin

To create a warm, natural-looking flush, don’t be afraid to go for deeper rich shades that look frighteningly vivid in the package.

Hot pink, plum and berry-toned pink blush shades work best for dark skin tones. The texture of the blush is equally important as the shade. A powdery texture looks different from creamy ones and will be more expressive on oily skin. But if you want to blend the blush with your fingers for a modern makeup look, then it’s best to choose a creamier texture.

Dark skin is at home with bronze-effect makeup. Therefore, don’t be afraid to let your skin glow brightly with a gorgeous radiant blush that highlights your cheek area.

Deep rose blush is best for olive skin – it ads substance and a rosy glow without compromising your cool natural undertone with a bombastic shade. (You may want to avoid brown shades without a glow to stay away from a cakey complexion that dims your natural radiance.)

How to Apply Pink Blush

How you apply blush according to your face shape is more important than the blush colour.

But pink blush makeup is the ideal colour when combined with complexion-toned contouring products and golden face shimmers or highlighters. So, you need a bit of precision in the product application.

Follow this pink blush makeup tutorial to learn the easy way of applying pink blush (or any other bright and luminous face makeup!)

  1. Figure out your face shape – is it oval, angular, round, or heart-shaped? Move the brush adjusting the strokes to flaunt your best features.
  2. Gently sweep the brush from just below the cheekbone point to the temples. Use more directional movements for angular or oval-shaped faces. Apply circular motion to a square face.
  3. Work in the contouring stick or bronzer below the blush in the triangular area created by puckering your lips into a kiss.
  4. Blend the two products into a smooth consistency, ensuring you don’t spread the contour makeup above the cheek line.
  5. Dab the highlighter above the pink blush and below the outer eye corners. (Tip: golden highlighters will complement any pink blush makeup.)

Use a soft round brush to blend in all three products together.

If you lack inspiration on using pink blush in a modern way, take a look at some inspirational modern looks that are easy to maintain and will look smashing on virtual meetings!

Soft Pink Blush Makeup Trends for 2021

When you don’t mind a rosy glow all over your face but adore your lashes, too:

Less eye makeup, more lips and freckles:

Subtly kissed by the softest nude pink blush makeup:

Elegant pink:

The total sun-gold pink created with water-rich blush and foundation:

Cool Pink Blush Makeup Trends for 2021

Brint to life brunette’s yellow skin undertones with bright raspberry pink:

Light berry shimmer on eyes and cheeks and a bold fuchsia lip:

Looking for a radical fall look? This is it:

Extravagant pink with blue eyeliner (use dark blue to soften the look):

Pair rich pink blush with bright lipstick:

Falling in love with pink makeup is easy – it is the most understated look that offers little to no chance for making capital mistakes. But building a long-term relationship with a favourite blush is a bit more difficult because you need to find the perfect combination of price, shade, and texture.

We hope that the fabulous pink blush makeup looks have served as a bonus to your makeup artistry and that you are now closer to what fits your personality and lifestyle.

Need more makeup inspiration? Check out these glitter eyeliner makeup looks you can mix and match with 2021 pink blush trends!

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