Dairy & Fruit: Unusual Haircare With A Brand Called Milk Shake

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June 3, 2022

Sharnee Rawson

If you’re hair zealots like us, you love learning about interesting products. So, after hearing about the up-and-coming brand Milk Shake, we knew an inside scoop was essential. With a name like Milk Shake… you know this will be something special.

Asides from the name, one of the most fascinating aspects of Milk Shake are their ingredients. Like many brands, they realised the power of fruit for haircare. Additions like blueberries, apples and lemons each have specific haircare properties. Yet, there’s always room for more beautifying goodness.

Just like the title of this article indicates, Milk Shake adds milk to all their products. Why this specific ingredient? Well, any dairy-adverse readers can push aside their reservations. Adding milk protein acts as nourishing food for hair. At least, that’s what their website claims. 

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Follow along as we investigate if dairy in haircare actually works or if it’s just an attention-grabbing showpiece.

Who Is Behind Milk Shake?

Too often, companies seem like vast, impersonal entities. Their origins are shrouded in mystery, and their ‘about us’ page is too brief. Happily, Milk Shake is transparent about their beginnings. 

Milk Shake is part of z.one concept. The parent company was founded in 1999 by Ivano Panzeri, and they’ve been a leader in haircare for over 20 years. One of the reasons for their success is their location. Based in the rich scape of Italy, z.one concept has joined the most competitive haircare market in the world. In a race to be the best, the brand has become a swanky innovator. 

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R&D at Milk Shake was spurred by a desire for high quality. The brand sourced natural and organic ingredients, including milk protein and fruit. Each formula was created with the ecosystem in mind, so safety was paramount. Milk Shake uses recyclable packaging when possible, including 50% recycled plastic bottles. If that wasn’t enough, paper packaging is sourced from sustainable locales. 

It seems this brand is certainly worthy of our trust. 

The Most Popular Beauty Products From Milk Shake

So, what products does Milk Shake offer, and do they really work? This is the section you’ve been waiting for, and we’re not holding back.

We’ve done a deep dive into Milk Shake products and compiled a list of the most popular ones. There are certainly many options: shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling, and colour maintainers. Products are available for every hair type and colour. 

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Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Treatments

Cleansing and restorative hair products are staples in every home and salon. Still, it’s a mistake to assume these products are all the same. Read through the guide below to discover what makes Milk Shake hair cleansers so unique.

Milk_Shake Incredible Milk The #1 bestseller at Milk Shake is this hair treatment. The results are supported by experts with awards such as Best Hair Treatment in the 2016 Beauty Short List Awards and Best Leave-In Conditioner in the Hair Magazine Awards. Remarkably, it has 12 benefits for the hair. 

Use Incredible Milk to protect against UV rays, heat damage or fading colour. The product also repairs, detangles, shines, volumises and banishes frizz. It seems there’s not much Incredible Milk can’t do.

Milk_Shake Integrity Incredible Oil Another favourite product is this repairing and protective oil. It’s ideal for those with damaged hair, split ends and heated tool habits. It also nourishes and detangles so tresses are left shiny, smooth and light.

Milk_Shake Deep Colour Maintainer Balm Constant colouring services can be time-consuming for both salons and clients. To maintain scrumptious colours for longer, invest in an affordable treatment like Deep Colour Maintainer Balm. The product improves colour stability and longevity. Shine and strength are also bolstered.

Milk_Shake Silver Shine Shampoo Artificial blonde hair is one of the most popular salon services. For maintenance, Silver Shine Shampoo is a must-have! The blueberry-based formula encourages healthy, shiny blonde hair without brassy or yellow tones. It works well with Silver Shine Whipped Cream Leave In Conditioner.

Milk_Shake Moisture Plus Shampoo Tackling dry hair? This hydration bomb infuses hair with softness and shine. Achieve optimal moisture with a blend of organic papaya extract, hyaluronic acid and Integrity41 technology.


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Styling Products (Curls, Powder, Paste & Gel)

For polished hairstyles, styling products are non-negotiable. However, it can be hard to navigate new products without a guide. We’ve compiled one below to give insight into Milk Shake hair powders, pastes, gels and curling aids.

Milk_Shake AMAZING A revolutionary ‘hair hero,’ this styling formula tackles humidity for a polished appearance every day. The secret is a blend of apple, lemon and blueberries that create a waterproof barrier over the hair. As a bonus, conditioning is also guaranteed!

Milk_Shake AMAZING Curls & Waves Tired of bestselling products not catering to curly hair? AMAZING Curls & Waves ensures a flawless appearance for non-straight hair (natural or artificial). Define curls and dispel frizz with a product that offers a light and voluminous finish. There’s a reason it’s called amazing.

Milk_Shake Powder Pop This understated styling powder delivers results that pack a punch. Grant volume easily with an added matte finish. 

Milk_Shake Fixing Paste Hair paste is crucial for any salon or barbershop. So, add strength, flexibility and texture to your hairstyles. For extra convincing, glance through the ingredients lists. There’s sunflower seed extract, quinoa, apple extract, lemon extract, blueberry extract and milk protein.

Milk_Shake Medium Hold Gel A styling product for fine or curly hair? You’ve got our attention. Medium Hold Gel can hold any hairstyle and suit any hair type. The product defines, volumises and de-frizzes curly hair. Alternatively, it grants structure to fine hair. 

Medium Hold Gel is fast-drying and does not leave a residue. 


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AMR Introduces Milk Shake

After so much time investigating Milk Shake, we walked away with a lasting impression. That’s why we’ve decided to make Milk Shake products available on our online shelves and perhaps even in-store in Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra. 

We offer a ton of handy services, including free delivery, trade prices, price-beat and click and collect. Many of our products are also exclusive to our company. We’re not the fastest-growing company in Australia for nothing!

Keep an eye out for Milk Shake on our brand page. You can also follow us on Instagram for handy updates, industry highlights and memes.

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In Essence 

After a thorough investigation of the brand Milk Shake, we have a verdict. A combination of transparency, ethical practices and wholesome (yet, unusual) ingredients really works. This Italian-based company has uncovered the secret to success with fruit and milk-based haircare. 

We’re so excited to partner with Milk Shake and begin listing those fabulous shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products. We have a feeling they’ll soon become fan favourites. 

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