De Lorenzo Copper Shampoo Review: Radiant Redhead Alert!

October 4, 2020

Rachael Grant

De Lorenzo Copper Shampoo is the secret ingredient for vibrant red hair. Since we all know what it means to keep the desired lively and shiny cool red hues and get rid of the boring brassy ones, this is one shampoo that can be of help. Novafusion created their anti-fading range to provide power correctors when tones fade or don’t turn exactly as planned or when your natural hair loses its mojo and becomes dull. With De Lorenzo Copper shampoo, you can rejuvenate red tones in a similar way you can do the same for blonde hair with De Lorenzo Silver Shampoo



You cannot fight the fading of colours, all colour fade a bit, even permanent. But you can improve and revitalize any boring tones by shampooing your hair with a specialised colour care shampoo. What exactly are the advantages of De Lorenzo Copper? Let’s find out!

De Lorenzo Novafusion Copper Shampoo Benefits 

Before you head in to grab your bottle of De Lorenzo red magic, it’s good to check what’s your desired tone. Novafusion is quite detailed in creating colour control shampoos – it has about a dozen nuances. So, if you are targeting a specific tone, for example, rose gold, you should get the appropriate shade. Not all redheads will be delighted by the copper shampoo, but if you want to remove brassy tones, this will certainly be your choice. In what other ways is the De Lorenzo Copper shampoo beneficial for your hair?

1. Includes a UV inhibitor formula.

What are UV inhibitors? UB inhibitors are specially designed ingredients that hair scientists have studied for hair application. As their name says, UV inhibitors reshape the lightning effects of UV rays by restoring colour pigments and giving the initial colour its previous shine. De Lorenzo Copper, like most other shampoos from the colour care range, include this formula. 

2. Controls natural or professional hair colour. 

Professionally altered hair can change but so does your natural hair, be it for hormonal changes, bad weather, or just too many chemicals. With De Lorenzo Copper Shampoo you can get the beautiful bright copper-red back in shape, regardless whether you carry it naturally or it is done in a hair salon. Natural redheads are mesmerising when the full vibrancy is at play – check out this awesome results of colour care shampoos:



3. Anti-fading capacity.

If you like the results on natural hair, then you will love how De Lorenzo copper keeps your coloured red in shape. Acting as a colour refreshment without the chemicals in permanent and semi-permanent colours, it also moisturises and detangles coloured hair that gets dry and brittle after several washes. This is all thanks to the organic Australian-made plant ingredients chosen carefully as friendly to coloured hair. (More about plant extracts in the next section.)   

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4. Reduces unwanted brassy tones.

Believe it or not, that yellow undertone is not the enemy of blondes only – redheads can also suffer from undesirable brassy tones. Brassy tones make most bright, vibrant hair colours look dull, that’s why so many avoid them. Blue-coloured components, similar to those found in purple shampoo, help you achieve the wanted shade, without compromising the original red you had in mind.


5. Packed in a neat 250ml-bottle that doesn’t spill.

No one likes spilling shampoo bottles, in particular when they include some colour, even when it isn’t permanent. The sturdy bottle of De Lorenzo Copper shampoo is durable and compact enough to provide safe travel without compromising your packing space.

Native Plant Extracts in De Lorenzo Copper Shampoo

Novafusion colour control shampoos are also known as colour care shampoos. The care component comes from natural, carefully picked ingredients that nurture hair exposed to colouring chemicals. The changed fibre texture is thirsty for nourishment from traditionally renowned follicle-cleansing hair care extracts, such as birch and willow bark, as well as innovative lab extracts from the local haircare industry, such as Kakadu Plum. And if you’ve tried Rooibos tea and used it regularly, you will already know the antioxidant repairing benefits it provides for skin and hair when used on the inside.

Applied regularly as part of your hair washing routine, these ingredients provide deep cleaning by hydrating your hair and keeping its shine and softness. 

How to Use De Lorenzo Copper Shampoo in 5 Easy Steps

You shouldn’t use De Lorenzo colour care shampoos every day. It should be used sparingly, approximately once a week, depending on your needs, hair type, and its capacity to retain colour. 

  • If your hair gets very greasy and you wash it every day, you can be more libertarian in how often you apply De Lorenzo Copper Shampoo –  do it once a week.
  • But if you aren’t shampooing your hair to clean it on daily basis, be less generous with the colour control shampoo, as well – twice a month will be enough.

With overuse, you can cause unnecessary dryness and colour alteration that doesn’t match your perfect outcome. 



Follow these five steps to maximise the colour control benefits of this shampoo: 

  1. Dilute 5-10 ml of shampoo (around 1-2 tsp) with 15-20ml (1-1.5 tbsp) water in a plastic cup. 
  2. Massage into wet hair to lather up.
  3. Leave it in for 3 to 5 minutes.
  4. Rinse well.
  5. Repeat (with less shampoo) if necessary.

Most users usually find their ideal shampoo volume, timing, and frequency by getting accustomed to the shampoo colour saturation. This usually happens after two to three week of use.

Redhead Colour Control and Shine 

Hair colour maintenance is especially important when you cannot visit your hairdresser as often as you’d like. It can be a saviour during a lockdown. If you are a natural redhead, that flamboyant vibrancy comes with its fair share of funny issues. Colour control and colour care don’t need to be among those. With De Lorenzo Copper shampoo you can reduce unwanted care fading and provide your hair with the organic, cruelty-free haircare it needs.  





Looking for alternative De Lorenzo red tone control shampoos? Don’t worry – we have you covered: try the following and share your experience in the comments!

For best results, add the matching De Lorenzo conditioner to your routine.


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