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Doubts About Professional Makeup Artist Bags You Should Clarify

Doubts About Professional Makeup Artist Bags You Should Clarify
February 8, 2021

Rachael Grant

When choosing professional makeup storage, most artists prefer something practical, functional, and beautiful. If you can get all three needs met with just one makeup case, that would solve all your problems. In that sense, the most straightforward answer to the title question is that you really only need one makeup case. However, things are not that simple. 

What types of professional makeup artist bags you would be looking for depends on whether you:

  1. Work alone or in a salon 

  2. Offer on-demand home makeup services

  3. Want something compact and lightweight or something more robust

  4. Are a beginner or an experienced makeup artist 

  5. Have a recognisable makeup style or are willing to play with a broader palette of styles

Therefore, keep in mind all of the above when comparing makeup artist kits. Let us find out more about how to complete your search for the spot-on professional makeup box, trolley, or case.

How to Compare Professional Makeup Artist Bags

The widely popular makeup artist bag model for professionals look like a suitcase. They have small wheels to help you move when your schedule is busy with at-home appointments. 

Some other characteristics of portable makeup cases include:

  1. Solid bottom base and waterproof material (to keep the makeup safe when travelling)

  2. Several compartments ad/or drawers (for easy makeup organisation)

  3. Horizontal/layered or vertical sections 

  4. Small, medium-sized, or large (hand luggage, tote bag, or pull case – trolley type)

  5. With or without a vanity mirror

  6. With or without a self-stand/legs

  7. With or without makeup included 

  8. One-piece or a case set 

Some professional artist brands (costume-makeup Kryolan, for example) provide makeup brush sets you can carry along with cherry-picked foundation, blush, and an eyeshadow palette. 

Keep note that a heavier makeup bag won’t fit in the overhead compartment on a plane. If you’re the type of artist who can’t stay apart from their favourite makeup tools, this will undoubtedly matter.  

Vanity Professional Artists Bags 

A vanity mirror case gives that salon allure when you visit clients at home. But you will need to pack them in your car trunk. So, they may not be the ideal makeup bag for quick visits and busy schedules.  A vanity bag or case belongs more in the category of makeup salon furniture. If you are frequently on the go, it is better to choose a smaller vanity box. 

Multipurpose Professional Makeup Artist Bags

You can disassemble multifunctional professional makeup bags and carry them in pieces (whichever you find necessary for a particular visit). Make sure you plan the various makeup bootles and brushes you already have to choose the ideal bag that can be taken apart and restyled in many different ways. 

Three separate pieces in one set will help you pack: 

  1. Makeup essentials for quick touchups, 

  2. More extended makeup range for special events

  3. Full makeup equipment for stage makeup or when you have more clients in one venue (for example, bride’s wedding guests).

Note: For makeup storage to be considered a bag, it usually has to be made from pliable, lightweight materials and small-to-medium-sized. Compact professional makeup artist bags are often classified as cases or trolleys, depending on whether they do or don’t have wheels.  

Do You Need a Professional Makeup Box?

Carrying your makeup tools in a gorgeous makeup box gives that special kind of Hollywood glam. In the makeup industry, aesthetics cannot be highlighted enough. Considering the extra special feeling of lux professional makeup bags, you will invest in one if you want to score extra points for style. 

Admittedly, beautiful makeup equipment makes us all feel beautiful, including your client. Moreover, professional photoshoots, commercial events, fashion shows, promotions often require you come prepared with more than just a carry-on- makeup bag.

Your professional makeup kit under such circumstances may also need a makeup light ring and chair set. The main reason for this requirement is that stage makeup and artificial light need more precision and understanding on behalf of the artist for long-lasting results. So, the answer to the above questions is – yes – you need a professional makeup box if you mainly work in the fashion and beauty industry.

Professional Makeup Artist Trolley Cases

If you have someone to carry heavy makeup bags for you, then you may not need wheels on the bag. However, that is rarely the case. You still need to pull the bag or the box out of the car or pull it around the makeup location. (Your back will say thank you after many years spent as professional makeup, lifting the equipment in and out of your trunk or even up to several stairs.) 

A professional makeup trolley ticks most of the boxes for makeup artists. This is especially the case if you can take off and on some parts and adjust its use to the occasion. 

A simple-looking makeup bag may not awe with its looks on the first glance. But if you need to go outdoors at difficult-to-reach locations or in adverse weather, it is a better value for money to take something you can wash afterwards. Keep beautiful materials for salon or home use – you don’t want your makeup case to end up all muddy and scratched.    

Some Last-Minute Tips and Tricks on Choosing  Professional Makeup Kits

Before you make your choice, also  answer the following questions:

  1. Do you use the makeup case as a salon stand? It is more affordable to have one pice for both uses, but it may not meet all client needs. 

  2. Does the makeup bag have a waterproof lining? Even if a bottle spills, it won’t make a mess of the whole box or bag.

  3. How much makeup do you have? Pul all your makeup on a desk and evaluate accordingly.

  4. How important is a cool design for you? If you prefer practicality, you may not need to spend as much on designer makeup cases.

  5. Can you new professional makeup artist bag follow changing trends? Something with a classic design will have a longer lifecycle. 

  6. Does your salon also do hair? You may need more space and a blogger box to fit all tools.

Did you find this short guide to clarifying confusion about professional makeup artist bags useful? We hope we have made your quest sweet and simple!

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