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31 Jul

Well, move over contouring, hello…. draping.

Draping? Draping a window? Draping designs for a dress? No, draping  makeup for your face. I know, I know I can hear the groans as I write this piece.

Oh my gosh, another fad. I just started to conquer the Kim K West contouring down and now you give me this! But, draping has been around for longer than you think.

What is draping you might ask? Draping was firstly introduced in the late 60s and made its mark in the 70s and lingered around til the 80s and has made a come back on the runways of Fashion week. This look was invented by renowned makeup artist Way Bandy. His Influence and techniques in the makeup industry would catapult his career as the most celebrated and highest paid makeup artist in his time.  His clientele would include glitterati of famous names like Cher, Farah Fawcett, Elizabeth Taylor and Diana Ross, just to name a few.



The art of draping makeup would be a mixture of contouring and highlighting but using blush as your medium in two complimenting tones, dark and light or bright and shimmer. The look is achieved by blending the two hues together to create a healthy flushed look.

  1. You start with your dark or bright blush tone and create a contoured line just below where your cheekbone is but ensure not to go past the pupil of your eye or below your nose. Blend this line out to buff out the harsh line.
  2. Once you are happy with that you then apply the second lighter or shimmery shade on top of the contour line in fluid circular motions blending in the softer shade to merge with the bottom shade. Move the product along the apples of your cheeks to the cheekbone and then moving up towards your temple.

Tip: If you are slightly heavy handed with your application and your look tends to go on to the editorial side than every day wearable, just go in with your face powder and with a powder brush just powder the area deemed too bright or heavy and diffuse that area to buff away the intensity.




And there you have it, just by following these simple steps you can totally step out with this look night or day.

Please comment below if you have tried this look or what you think.

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Tako Phanoraj

Tako is a Beauty Editor at AMR with a Diploma in makeup artistry having graduated in 2015. She is passionate about all things beauty and in her spare time loves to keep up with the latest trends and trialling new makeup. When she is not invested in makeup, she is busy being mum to one gorgeous baby girl.


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