Dyson Hair Styling: How Does It Compare To Traditional Hair Electricals?

Dyson Hair
July 1, 2021

Rachael Grant

Dyson is traditionally known for their incredible vacuums with engineering so great, they can suck up almost anything. When they announced they’ve moved into hair electrical, we were all a little sceptical. With so many great hair styling tools on the market, how can they revolutionise it further? It’s been a few years since they launched into a new segment and it’s given us enough time to form an opinion on Dyson hair tools… Okay, so we love them!

They have a few lines on the market that are making waves! To help you determine if they’re right for you, we’ve created an overview. We’ve also chucked in a few sneaky alternatives if the price is an issue. Let’s see if it’s really the best value for money!

Top Dyson Hair Electricals

Dyson has started to develop a portfolio of hair electricals. Each product is on the more expensive side but their technology is said to be superior. We’ve selected some of their most popular tools to give a brief overview of what they have to offer. We’ve also then offered alternatives where possible to help save you a little bit of cash but still get great value!

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is one of the most expensive hair dryers on the market. While it’s well above the average price you should expect to pay, it does have many features. One of the first differences you’ll notice is that it’s compact and hollow in the centre. Unlike other hairdryers, the Dyson uses a central amplifier that draws in air and heats it up simultaneously.

Traditional hairdryers have blades and a fan that helps to pull in the air to heat, before redistributing onto your hair. It has more heat setting options than traditional hairdryers, meaning you are less likely to receive heat damage.

Additionally, it has 3-speed settings, offers cold shots and has a bladeless design. This means you’re less likely to have your hair caught in the blades (which is more common than you think!). One of our favourite features is that it offers a 2-5 year guarantee! Working in the beauty industry this is a tool you’ll use daily and can commonly

Alternative: Consider using a Parlux if you can’t move past the cost of a Dyson. Parlux is one of the leading ranges worldwide and is known for its incredible motor life. They are guaranteed to get you a lifespan of 2,500 hours. This is why they are the popular choice for hairdressers and other beauty professionals. They come in an assortment of colours and offer a range of attachments too. They are still on the expensive side but you’ll be saving a few hundred dollars when comparing to the Dyson! Silverbullet is also another range you may want to consider too!

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Hair straighteners have been around for a long time and most of us can’t live without them. They allow us to create versatile looks and offer more than just straight hair. Things are no different with the Dyson hair straightener. It allows you to create a range of looks but uses less heat than traditional straighteners. It uses copper plates that are engineered to be the same width as hair. This means you can get it right the first time without having to return over the same hair follicles, exposing it to additional heat.

Our most favourite feature (it will be yours too) is that it’s cordless! No more will you need to worry about trying to awkwardly move around clients or struggle to get the right angle. It uses a 4-cell lithium-ion battery and easy to charge. Special heating control systems also means that battery management is better and less likely to exceed set heat temperatures. Like the hairdryer, you have a 2-5 years warranty and it’s rated highly at 4.4 stars.

Alternatives: While there really aren’t many others on the market that are cordless, you can find many similarities to the heat technologies at a fraction of the price. Eleven Australia is starting to make a name for themselves with their 6 temperatures modes and 360-degree swivel cord. Our favourite product for value is H2D. You can expect the straightener to reach 230 degrees within 20 seconds! It also looks super stylish, it has long plates and offers infrared and ionic technology! Oh, it also has the swivel cord too!


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Dyson Airwrap

Okay, so the Dyson Airwrap is a little different from anything else on offer. It uses an aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda effect. This is where it utilises and curves air to wrap around the barrel. For this reason, it can both style and dry your hair simultaneously. While others claim to do that, they use excess heat and it can sometimes cause damage to the hair. The V9 digital motor is what helps to generate enough air to create the Coanada effect with its 13 blades. It offers intelligent heat control too, by keeping the temperature under 150 degrees celsius.

Additionally, has the ability to create both curls and waves. Its goal is to showcase salon curls from home in a timely manner. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hairstylist or just learning for fun, the Airwrap makes things simple.

Alternative: While there isn’t anything really like this on the market, a curling wand would be the closest to this. You’d still manually have to wrap your hair around the wand but it will give off a tight curl without having to use rollers.


Dyson Hair Extras 

While above are the main items, you can get accessories and other attachments for these tools. These extras include brushes, hairdryer attachments and nozzles. They also come really nicely packaged in a leather little carry bag which makes it look elegant. You can buy these in kits or have the option to buy them as separate add ons later. The nozzle attachments are probably the most useful if you are hoping to achieve a diverse range of looks from diffusing to sleek and smooth blowdries.

Comment below with your favourite hot styling tools. If you’ve tried any of the Dyson products, let us know!

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