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23 Mar

Easter is near and if you want to be that cool Mum or Aunt who rocks up at your kid’s Easter hat parade as a cutesy Easter Bunny to wow all their friends, or if you want to surprise your children on Easter Day when they do their egg hunt, then these makeup looks will be sure to make you popular. Whether you want a basic look or something a bit more noticeable and dramatic, here are some ideas to kick start your event planning.

Something simple

A simple Easter bunny look involves bright pink shadows, pink lips, black eyeliner, voluminous lashes and white face paint. Each look can vary with how heavy handed you go on your eyeshadow and shading. Start with a lighter base and brighten the outer edges with a deeper pink, or for a more dramatic effect, a darker brown or charcoal to accentuate the lids. Otherwise, really showcase your makeup artistry by applying a sparkly gold eyeshadow.

Most of these have a black eyeliner to make the eyes wider and bunny like, but you can always be a bit more extra and line it pink or add some glitter liner for a bit of sparkle. I prefer the bunny look like some super fluffy lashes and also go with some eyeshadow under the eyes to make them pop a bit more.

Use white paint to create a bunny mouth under the nose and add some whiskers in black liner. Don’t forget your bunny nose! Fill it in with pink to match your lips. You can opt to do both lips pink or just the top lip. And add a pop of highlighter on your cheekbones to shine, shine, shine.

A bit more dramatic

If you want your bunny look to be a bit more dramatic, you can achieve this by widening the bunny mouth under the nose by extending it out onto the cheeks. Outline this with a dark shadow to make the white pop even more. The less subtle bunny look also makes use of black liner on the lips to accentuate the mouth arch.

Another approach is to go full blown with the fur on the mouth, with no black whiskers. Use the white paint or liner to brush out strokes like fur around the mouth. You can also do this with the brows by creating a thicker upward brow using a pink liner and surround it with white fur strokes to look more bunny-like and fluffy.

Otherwise, go for the bold dark strokes to look less child-like and more mummy-like.

Alice in Wonderland

If your child is a big lover of Alice in Wonderland, then try this really awesome Rabbit make-up that will be sure to blow everyone away! You’ll be the coolest mum on the block.

All about the detail

Or if you’re really crafty, create this intricate eye design using Kryolan colours. Just look at the detail!

Bunny rabbits and Easter eggs

Make your nails cutesy with all these fun little bunny rabbit designs. As you can see, there are a variety of ways you can do bunny ears; you can have half the bunny face sticking up from the edge of your nails, the whole bunny face or the bunny face coming from different directions. My absolute favourite out of all these is the bunny faced to the back with a little diamante tail cute as a button!

Give me all the Easter eggs! Or just paint them on my fingers, please. Fill your nails with zigzag, spotty and curvy shapes in pastel or bright colours. There are so many cool designs you can play around with. You can even try to find these designs in prints.

Pastel Colours  

You might not want to be overtly Easter, but still get into the spirit and theme if it. Nothing is more Easter than pastel colours, but work for every day as well. And heck, why not add a touch of glitter?

There you go, I hope this gives you some ideas on how you can celebrate Easter in style. Enjoy!

Samantha Bun

Samantha is our in-house content writer based in Sydney who covers all hair and beauty related topics. She has completed her Bachelor of Arts majoring in English Literature and is currently completing her Master of Creative Writing at University of Sydney. In her spare time, she loves writing poetry in calligraphy for her Instagram @samanthabunpoetry

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