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October 9, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

“By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn”- Latin Proverb

Feeling a little rusty and flat with your profession? Want to learn more and re-educate yourself in something new and different? Or do you simply want to know more about a topic relating to your occupation? Here at AMR, we have a training  academy to offer you all the resources, product launches and master classes in the beauty and hair industry to not only increase your skills, but to also build up your confidence, up your trade game from the rest and catapult your career.

The technology world is forever evolving and developing with the latest smart and efficient technologies in the palm of our hands, so is the need to keep up with the hundreds and hundreds of trends on social media right now. Only in recent years there have been trends where it isn’t as simple as going on YouTube to find out how to do this or that, especially with new and flashy trends that look amazing but come with complicated techniques to achieve that very look. For example, to get that perfect balayage or that silver fox look or pastel unicorn locks, there has to be knowledge in what you are doing as well as the extensive awareness of the products involved because essentially you are mixing and playing around with chemicals. Having that extra bit of education, you have a duty of care and responsibility for what you are doing to and applying on your client. No one wants to get sued, so why risk it? We must be vigilant for the safety of others and ourselves in order for our businesses to grow, so that’s why it is imperative to go and attend the classes and understand the product. So with that in mind, we must better ourselves and own it with the know-how of the ins-and-outs of the latest craze. It would also be a little awkward if you had a potential client come up to you with some hair or beauty related inspiration, but because of not having the experience or knowledge behind it, you have to turn them away and potentially lose that customer forever by giving them to the competition.

Vena Love performing a colouring service at the Fanola Metallics, Paints and Vivids Workshop

Yes, education can be costly at times but I urge you to consider it an investment. It is and will be worth it. Having the right teacher to show you the way is vital as a teacher is someone who ignites the fire that fuels a student’s thirst for knowledge, curiosity and wisdom. To be educated and knowledgeable in your field, you must know what you are doing and be confident in your craft, and with that will evoke trust from your client. With the trust that they put in you, they know that they are in good hands and once you get a good customer, great feedback will come. Once you get great feedback, word-of-mouth will spread and that means your clientele will grow. Having education under your belt gives you the upper hand from your competition as this will show your potential clientele who you have been taught by, your wide range of product knowledge and what kind of skills and techniques you have learnt along the way. This will allow your clientele to understand that they are paying value for money.

At AMR, we have extensive products that we sell online and in our in-house stores and what we want to do for our customers is to educate them to know what we are selling and how to use it. We want to offer our customers support and education with the products that we offer hence why we come up with classes and product launches for you all. We endeavour to find the best of the best of professional trainers from around the globe, nationally and internationally.

Lorna Evans creating a beautiful classic fingerwave and upstyle at her workshop on hair model.
Lorna Evans’ upstyling masterpieces from her workshop.

We have had international guests Eva Lam and Vena Love for the Fanola Metallics, Vivids and Paints Masterclass, Jennifer for Kiara Sky and most recently James Miju for Fanola. Our home-grown national guests include Janet Nguyen for Fanola Metallics, Vivids and Paints Masterclass, Lisa Howson Founder of LashXcel and Lorna Evans for an upstyling workshop. All these wonderful educators have either done a workshop, masterclass or Vlog at our academy and have come in to showcase their skills and extend their knowledge to us with their experiences in the hair and beauty industry. We also have free product launches where you will get a firsthand sneak peak on the brand and products that we are offering before it hits our stock floor and website. There is a demo shown at the event by an educator and also goody bags involved – who doesn’t love a goody bag? We have had product launches for SNO Teeth Whitening, Jax Wax previously known as Adam and Eve, Hawley, Fanola and LashXcel being the most recent one and many more to come  At AMR, we offer day and night classes in different fields to cater to your profession or simply if you’re curious and just want to learn.

If you’re interested in keeping up-to-date for future launches and classes click on this link AMR Training Academy or join us or on Facebook at AMR Training Academy.


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