Everything You Need To Know About Framar: Their Story Beyond the Foils

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December 13, 2021

Rachael Grant

Who doesn’t love a family-owned business success story? Throw in a meet-cute and a hair revolution and you have the Framar story. Framar aims to provide everything a colourist may need in the colour room. They have positioned themselves as the brand that caters to the people. They want to make amazing products for professional use that excite the stylist and make their day easier.


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Who owns Framar?

Co-founded by a husband-and-wife team, and still a family run business decades later, Framar is more than a business success story – it’s a love story too. Frank and Maria Gallo met when he was doing her hair in 1985. The pair didn’t waste any time in getting together, getting married, and having their first child. After discovering the use of foil in the industry their goal became to eliminate caps and needles in salons. Just one year after that fateful hair appointment, Frank and Maria co-founded Framar Enterprises™.


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Where is Framar From?

The company is still based in Niagara Falls where Frank and Maria started out by selling their first pre-cut foils from their home to nearby salons. Now, they ship their huge range all over the world.

 What is Framar best known for?

Framar is best known for its foil products. They sell pre-cut sheets, fun prints, and variable weight long rolls. In addition, they sell foil accessories like dispensers and folders. They have since expanded their range and Framar now produce well over a hundred different products.

Their aim is to make professional life better with products ranging from gloves and capes to furniture and other salon essentials. In fact, their website claims that their products can provide you with “all the advantages needed for being a top-notch colourist!”


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Extreme Soft Classic Foil

Extreme Soft is the highest quality foil that they have been making since the beginning. Extreme Soft is a great choice for any hair type and is available in pre-cut sheets, as well as various weight rolls.

Foils to match your aesthetic, with a healthy dose of practicality

Since their first foil product in 1987 – the 5 lbs silver roll and Foil It Dispenser which you can still buy – Framar has developed dozens of foil products. In the pre-cut section, you can find Pop Up boxes housing a huge range of coloured foils. Whether you want the rainbow, classic black, bright magenta, or iridescent foils these Pop-Up boxes of pre-cut and pre-folded foils mean that you can just grab and go.

The fun doesn’t stop at Pop-Ups, there are plenty of incredible colours and patterns available in pre-cut boxes and rolls of different weights.


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Different weight foils for different people

Framar offers foils in three weights – heavy, medium, and light.  What you choose is entirely up to you. Some people find light foils too thin while others think heavy is perfect for coarser hair.

What’s the point of embossed foils?

Many of the foils from Framar are embossed. When a foil is embossed, it helps to grip the hair better and prevents slippage. Don’t worry if you aren’t a fan of embossed foils though! They have plenty of gorgeous smooth foil products to choose from.

Not just foils, but foil alternatives too

If you’re over foils, Framar has something for you too. Maniac Mesh Reusable Sheets offer a great environmental option. They’re transparent so you can see your colour developing as well as being easily washed off for re-use.


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Doing a balayage? Balayage Bestie Film Dispenser and Funked up Film provide you with a zero-cling balayage or colour blocking solution for any hair length.

Make your prep life easier with dispensers and folders

Avoid bad folds and tears with Framar dispensers and folders. If pre-folded sheets don’t fit your style or your client has extra-long hair, the Framar Fold Freak dispenser not only lets you cut any length from the roll but also folds for you in one easy step.

Need an alternative to Framar? 

Framar is yet to hit Australian shores just yet so in the meantime, you can get your hands on Fanola Foil instead. This is a range of professional foil made for professionals.

Prepare to Dye

From detangling the client’s hair to start the session, to an accurate and reliable scale to measure out your dye, to drying their hair post-wash – every step of the process has a Framar solution.

Brushes for every section

Sectioning off hair for highlighting in one step with the Dreamweaver Comb makes for faster service, and all Framar combs have a pintail or tapered handle to let your section easily. A wide range of clips provides the right type of separation and tension on the hair while you apply colour with any of their dye brushes. Framar colour brushes feature AccuSoft bristles which are tapered to ensure good dye pick up and help to distribute colour on the hair evenly.


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Protecting you and your clients

In addition to their application tools, Framar provides an excellent range of dye protection. Cape options include shampoo screens and cutting covers, as well as high-quality breathable colour, covers complete with pockets so clients can keep busy on a device or read.

You can choose the glove that suits you and your salon because Framar’s glove offering includes reusable black latex, clear disposables, as well as black or pink nitrile possibilities.

Protecting your client’s face and neck is easy with a range of options. Framar’s thick and non-dripping barrier cream that doesn’t run is a great way to protect hairs you weren’t aiming to colour. For perfectly clean edges and no fuss drips you can tidy up with Kolor Killer Wipes.


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Bangers are a thin transparent sheet that gently adheres to the client’s forehead to protect their eyes and skin when cutting or colouring bangs.

One last thing – how do you pronounce Framar?

Fray-mar, FRAMAR™ began when FRAnk met MARia, they fell in love and their family has been a staple in the haircare world ever since.

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