Eyebrow Pencil vs. Eyebrow Mascara vs. Eyebrow Pomade or Gel: What to Put in Your Bag?

Eyebrow Pencil vs. Eyebrow Mascara vs. Eyebrow Pomade or Gel: What to Put in Your Bag?
February 7, 2021

Rachael Grant

Every girl has at least one eyebrow pencil in her cosmetics purse. A tiny touch-up over and there and you have framed your eyes beautifully! Since 2021 eyebrow trends predict brushed up brows with a naturally lifted look, using only an eyebrow pencil may not be enough. But to achieve that diagonal curve, you will have to reach for the pencil and finalise the sleek lift with an eyebrow mascara, or eyebrow products with a creamier consistency, be it wax or gel. 

So, how do you know what you need? One easy way to find your ideal product combo for grooming your brows is to understand how each of them contributes to sassy perky brows. 

Eyebrow Pencil Benefits (According to Experts)

First of all, not all pencils are the same. However, they do have some commonalities that prioritise them before mascaras, gels, and pomades.  

Here are the prevalent brow pencil benefits that make them the eye makeup favourite:

  1. Apply colour where needed in a precise and controlled manner.

  2. Contain a custom tip that fills in, shapes, and defines eyebrows.

  3. Have waterproof, long-lasting (up to 12 hours) consistency.

  4.  Provide a broad colour palette (you can play with two or three shades)

  5. Super-easy to use even with no experience. 

  6. Ideal for filling in over-tweezed eyebrows.  

  7. Great to define the eyebrow tail.

  8. Used for microblading (with pencil). 

You can maximise the effect of nicely shaped eyebrows by using an eyebrow shaping kit. They usually contain a mascara or a pomade as well, helping you discipline messy brows and keep them in place for hours to come.

Microblade Eyebrow Pencil

A microblade eyebrow pencil is also called an eyebrow pen. Since not all of us are blessed with full, equally plucked eyebrows, a semi-permanent precise definition is sometimes the only solution for neat eyebrows. 

The original microblading technique mimics tattooing. The microblading artist applies very thin incisions and fills sparse hair areas out with pigment with a micro-blading pen. The effect of microblading can last as long as two years, especially if you have dry skin (oily skin tends to lose colour more quickly). 

Of course, this needs to be done by a professional. You should not try this by yourself at home. Fortunately, you can create the illusion of thin, precise strokes with a microblading eyebrow pencil. 

Types of Microblading Pencils

A microblading pencil usually contains several (three or more) thin brush applicators on one brush head. This tool is used to recreate the picture of naturally filled eyebrows: it is easier to draw three or brow lines that follow each other in the same direction with one stroke.  

In contrast, if you want to be an eye shaping master, you may prefer a micro-blading pencil with a single brush. This applicator focuses on details so that you can finely shape your brows and give them a clean look. Voila! 

A microblading pencil will last during the whole day unless you forget about it and accidentally wipe your eyebrows with products containing baking soda or vinegar. (No touching your salad and your brows with the same hands, everyone!)     

Brow Pencil vs. Eyebrow Mascara vs. Eyebrow Pomade

Let’s repeat: eyebrow pencils are great for precision. But it can get a bit too artificial if you don’t know how to blend in the individual lines. Therefore, many prefer mascara instead of a pencil.

Advantages of Applying Mascara to Your Eyebrows

An eyebrow mascara provides colour and stickiness. Tiny microfibres from the mascara stick to the natural hair and add volume. It is easy to taint and tame eyebrows with the eyebrow mascara. Therefore, 2020 with its sharp upward eyebrows has been big for mascaras, and you are probably by now pretty good with using it. You may even wonder how on earth did you live without it. Full-looking brow arches in just one product:? Who doesn’t like that?

How to Choose a Tinted Eyebrow Product (Mascara or Pencil)

If you need volume and colour all over the brow, go for a mascara that suits your natural eyebrow colour. Avoid the one big mistake of choosing a colour that is too dark. Unlike an eyelash mascara, which can be darker, the brow mascara needs to be closer to your natural brow colour. If you choose a colourless mascara, you will keep your brows steady without colouring them; this will be enough for a clean, fresh, #iwokeupkiethis look.  

Tip #1: make sure your eyebrow area is freshly plucked and shaped. Otherwise, the tinted mascara microfibres tend to adhere to the tiny hair growths and make your eye area look mucky and chaotic. 

Tip #2: Although many gels use mascara-like applicators, an eyebrow mascara is not the same as an eyebrow gel. Gels are typically clear and use smaller brushes or even pointed brush tips, depending on the effect you are aiming for.

What Exactly is a Brow Pomade?

You can consider the eyebrow pomade and equivalent of the hairstyling product which carries the same name. Pomade is usually a water-based product that doesn’t contain alcohol. Products with alcohol, such as some gels, can dry out the skin. 

An eyebrow pomade can be placed in a tiny container with an applicator or a spoolie (softer brush) in the end or in a flat box that resembles eyeshade boxes. In that type of packaging, the brush is aside. In the first case, you get a practical application tool. In the second case, you have more alternatives for the brush: you can use a long spiral brush, a spoolie, and even your fingers.  

Always read the ingredients on an eyebrow pomade to find out how long it will last. Compared to the eyebrow pencil, the pomade is more watery and doesn’t provide as much precision. If it contains wax, it can be as long-lasting as the pencil. However, a pomade can be an excellent choice for eyebrow and lash extension artists because they can personalise every pomade use by using disposable applicators. Additionally, it is possible to use the same pomade and adjust eyebrow thickness, volume, and colour using a separate brush. Instead, you should leave such versatility to experts and stick to the eyebrow pencil if you’re not confident in your skills.

To wrap it up: Each of the discusses eyebrow products – mascara, pencil, gel, or pomade – has its benefits. However, if you choose the right eyebrow pencil, you can at least promise yourself that your brow will never, ever look shapeless and ruin a beautiful eye makeup. 

Which eye-shaping tool is your preference? Learn more about how to create dreamy eyes with false eyelashes!    

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