Fanola No Orange Shampoo Overview

May 21, 2019

Samantha Bun


No Orange Shampoo is the perfect toning solution for combating and counteracting unwanted brassy tones in light brown to dark blonde hair, or ‘blorange’. This will be most effective on hair that is a level 8 and up and will help to neutralise those orange tones.

Fanola No Orange Shampoo and Mask Duo


No Orange Shampoo utilises blue pigment to tone orange out of hair, much like violet pigment is used to tone yellow hair. The result is toning the orange parts of hair to a cooler result.


1. Does it work?

For best results, this toning shampoo is best for hair that is a level 8 and up. Most people put it on their hair expecting it to magically eradicate orange tones and look like a flawless Instagram picture. However, if your hair is below a level 8, the pigment in this shampoo will not be strong enough to be effective. You are better off visiting your professional hairdresser for a toner application.

What we found is that results might not show instantly but could gradually build up with prolonged use. This, of course, depends on the duration and frequency of use. No Orange Shampoo can be left on for 5 minutes or up to 20 minutes depending on the brassiness of your hair. It is recommended to use this toning shampoo once a week. It may be worth it to use for up to 4 weeks before seeing results and whether it works on your hair. The pigment deposited will eventually build up, producing a better colour result. You will have to test it out to see what achieves the best result for you.

2. What if my hair turns blue?

You may notice the formula is super pigmented and could even turn your fingers blue, so try wearing gloves upon application. It is not a direct dye so your hair won’t turn blue unless your hair is a high level 10 or so. The result could be ashy or blue, but this won’t last very long as the pigment only lasts for a few washes. Not to worry!

3. Will it dry out my hair?

As with most toning shampoos, the No Orange Shampoo formula can be a bit drying on the hair because it does contain a bit of sulphate. This is why it is made to pair with a No Orange Mask; to restore moisture into the hair and seal it off whilst further toning the hair.


There is no question that Fanola No Yellow is one of the best toning shampoos on the market with high violet pigment content to eliminate unwanted yellow tones. It is only normal that consumers would want to compare the results, however, they both perform completely different results.

In fact, you can even combine the two forces if your hair is reflecting both orange and yellow tones! It is best first to apply No Yellow to counteract yellow tones and then apply No Orange to counteract orange tones. The result is a beautiful icy cool result on a level 9 and above blondie.

If you aren’t sure which shampoo you should be using, read our purple shampoo guide to see if it’s better suited to you. Learning about the colour wheel for your hair will also give you a good indication of colour bases you should be using.

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