Fanola No Yellow Color with Josie Vilay

November 18, 2018

Samantha Bun

What is Fanola No Yellow Color?


No Yellow Color Kit

No Yellow Color is Fanola’s newest professional line of technical products dedicated to creating brilliant blonde, bleached and lightened hair. Built into the range is technology designed to neutralise undesired yellow tones during technical services in the salon. There are 9 blonde colours enriched with blackberry, grapes and blueberry extracts that have conditioning, antioxidant and emollient properties. Together, they not only create impeccable blonde results but also leave hair feeling healthy and soft.

There are four series within Fanola’s No Yellow Color range:

1. Ice Blonde: This is a series of blonde shades with an ice-white colour that lightens and deposits an anti-yellow pigment, neutralising the warm reflections on natural hair.
2. Ice Superlighteners: No Yellow Color Superlighteners are formulated with characteristics to neutralise yellow pigments to create an absolute blonde.
3. Ice Toner: These toners with cool reflections are suitable for neutralising undesired yellow tones obtained after classic bleaching or lightening.
4. Lightener: Strong performing multi lightener with impressive power for a balanced lightening effect

No Yellow Color also presents a Violet Bleaching Cream boosted with violet micro-pigments with an anti-yellow action that lightens hair with gradual action. It has the lightening power of up to 7/8 tones with the active ingredients of Bilberry extract that has antioxidant properties, leaving hair soft, shiny and protected.

Who is Josie Vilay?




Not many of you may know who Josie Vilay is, but she is one of the hottest talents setting the bar very high for being an ambassador and educator for Fanola. Her incredible colour transformations and exquisite service at her salon in Winnipeg Canada alongside with her team is a force to be reckoned with. Her Instagram is active and always fresh and flawless, serving you astonishing hair looks with her take on using the Fanola range, specifically with No Yellow hair products.

Her social media content shows off her gorgeous styling, impeccable colouring techniques and her ability to perform unique but extremely informative mini-experiments by herself and her team to allow her clients to get a better understanding of how your hair should be treated. Her amazing hair transformations showcase that she doesn’t only do this as a career, but it as an art form as well expressing her talents as a hair stylist with her creativity and magic hands.

How Josie Vilay came to be is from the earliest experiences of her childhood in hairstyling was cutting hair on dolls around the age of seven. In middle school, which would be equivalent to year 7 to 8 in Australia, Josie moved up to dying her friend’s hair as you would do experimenting with beauty trends in your teens, and that original passion never left her until this day. She continued to learn and feed that passion before eventually attending Marvel Beauty School in Toronto, and now she’s probably one of the most active colourists in both Canada and the US.

She started her career as a licensed stylist by becoming an independent contractor back in 2008. She was quick to collaborate, and learn with and from her peers, establishing a reputation for being not only very fast but incredibly knowledgeable when it came to colouring. Her work drew more and more attention over time both on social media and in editorials. In Josie’s career to date she has won three Canadian hairstyle awards and became the Senior stylist at the Elan Hair Studio, but that was only the beginning.

Her career has since climbed steeply into becoming her own boss lady, teaching and running her own business. She’s now the owner of her amazing studio, Hairology Salon in Winnipeg, is a primary educator, and a stylist at Wink Studio, and regularly travels around the globe to run workshops and collaborate with her hair artist contemporaries, all while seeking out other artists to encourage and learn from. Her goal as a hair artist is always to inspire and be inspired.

We can’t wait to host Josie and watch her demonstrate her amazing skills at the Fanola No Yellow Introduction Demonstration. We are sure that you will learn a wealth of knowledge from Josie and be inspired to create beautiful blondes, especially leading to summer… when the blondes come out to play. You can check out her work on Instagram @josievilay

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