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11 Jan

What happens when an extraordinary product impacts a scene? In the case of transforming dull lifeless discolored hair, there is, has been & continues to be would-BE’s, if they could-BE’s, attempting to infiltrate a market dominated by the perfect model that can never be surpassed!

With blondes being the X-factor, there is no mistake that the world’s No 1 blonde transformer is Fanola No Yellow. Rated the best blonde toning shampoo in the world at the 2017 Stylists Choice Awards and coming in 3rd as the World’s most favored shampoo, Fanola No Yellow has proven that there is no way to improve on perfection. Remarkable, instant results have established Fanola No Yellow as the cosmetic trendsetter of the decade. The hair care industry has been stormed by the innovation, leaving envious cosmetic giants reeling at the phenomenon that has reinvented “toning” into “transformation”.


In recent times there has been a multitude of replica products attempting to capitalize on the best that can ever be. The latest in a long list of attempts is NAK who have even had the audacity to label a poor copy “No Yellow”. This ridiculous attempt to distort customer awareness is as unprofessional as it is irresponsible. No doubt, the trademark owners will launch an unrelenting litigation case against such misleading and fraudulent tricksters, just like NAK. How silly could any company be (or how desperate could they be)? It all goes to show, market leadership is about innovation – when you can’t cut it yourself, copy the best there can ever be! NAK and co., good luck – you’re going to need it, lots of it.

If consumers are tempted to try a replica product such as NAK’s copy No Yellow Shampoo, they are welcome to send us any half-used bottles of these replica products and Fanola will replace them for you with a full bottle of the world’s No 1 original Fanola No Yellow blonde toning shampoo, free of charge, delivered to your door. Fanola guarantees you twice the results!

For any consumer wishing to try the difference for themselves, send us your details and Fanola will send you trial samples of Fanola No Yellow. Fanola is confident in you, being the judge!


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