Fanola No Yellow Vegan Shampoo – Sulphate, Paraben and Silicone Free!

April 11, 2019

Samantha Bun

The New Fanola No Yellow VEGAN Shampoo & Mask

Fanola’s No Yellow Vegan Sulfate Free Shampoo & Mask have landed on our shelves and online store! Have you grabbed a bottle yet?

                             No Yellow Vegan Sulfate-Free

The World’s Number One Blonde Toning Shampoo just got even better!

No Yellow is known for its powerful blonde toning capabilities, making it an instant viral buzz. We all know that violet shampoo neutralises unwanted yellow tones in blonde, bleached or highlighted hair, achieving a cooler and ashier reflection. It is the perfect in the basin or between salon visit toner to keep your blonde looking salon fresh.

Why? Because Fanola does without the food and cosmetic grade dye that is in most products out in the market, which only last up to 1-2 washes. Fanola’s toning power comes from professional-grade Acid Violet Dye that is designed for hair colour and toning. The results are therefore stronger and last up to 8 washes.

This is the result on model Bethany’s hair just after one wash. Impressive!

Major improvements in No Yellow VEGAN Sulfate Free

Fanola has listened to all your concerns and has come up with a new solution to give you the perfect No Yellow formula. This new No Yellow is sulphate, silicone and paraben-free, making it gentler and safer on the scalp.

No Yellow VEGAN Sulfate Free is free of animal products and free of animal cruelty, with tight EU regulations on animal testing. The original formula contains Hydrolysed Silk Protein which has the amino acid Cysteine that helps create keratin and improves hair elasticity. The only thing is that it isn’t vegan since it is extracted from silkworms.

The new formula has replaced this ingredient with Baobab Seed Oil, also known as the ‘Tree of Life’, rich in essential vitamins and Omega 3, 6 & 9 Fatty Acids. Baobab penetrates deeply into the hair follicle, adding moisture and improving hair elasticity. This ingredient is often likened to Argan Oil because it reaps of the same benefits but is much lighter in consistency and doesn’t weigh your hair down.

Without the added sulphate, this New No Yellow is much more nourishing on hair. Sulphate is a surfactant used in many shampoos to create that rich lather effect. It loosens the grease and sebum in hair which effectively cleanses. It can also be a bit drying, but this means that it helps hair absorb more of the violet pigment and achieve that deep toning effect. What you’ll find with the VEGAN is that it is a lot gentler and more nourishing because it has no surfactant sulphate, but it is still as effective in toning and won’t give you that overtone effect.  It also reduces risk of skin irritation to those who are sensitive to the ingredient.

So why no silicones and parabens?

Silicone is a major ingredient used in hair care products that helps to retain moisture by layering hair with a protective coating. It’s what gives your hair that final shiny reflection, however, overuse can create a build-up on your hair and potential environmental impact as this ingredient does not easily break down.

Paraben is a chemical that extends the shelf life of products by preventing the growth of bacteria. While they have been used in beauty products for decades, there have been growing concerns that link the hormone estrogen in parabens to cancer. Studies are still inconclusive in this matter, however, the removal of paraben can help those with sensitivity or irritation as a result of parabens.

Not only is this formula free of nasties, but it also has a delicious blueberry scent that will leave your hair smelling divine!

How do I use No Yellow VEGAN Sulfate Free?

It is a 2-Step Process:

  1. Apply No Yellow VEGAN Shampoo on your hair for the first wash. This will help lift and remove any grease and grime from your hair and scalp. On the second shampoo application, leave it on for 10-20 minutes to achieve the desired toning result. Rinse thoroughly.
  2. On damp hair, apply No Yellow VEGAN Mask for further toning and added nourishment. The mask has a lighter pigment so it will still tone while it conditions hair and seals the cuticle. Leave this on for an additional 10-20 minutes and rinse off.

Wear protective gloves if you are worried about the product staining your fingers.

The results speak for themselves! 

Check out the Be a#noyellowchick video:

We hope you love Fanola’s No Yellow VEGAN as much as we do and would love to hear your thoughts on the product. Be a #noyellowchick today! If you have orange tones in your hair, our no orange shampoo is better suited for dark blonde babes!

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