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Fanola No Yellow vs. 18 in 1 Intense Violet Shampoo

November 21, 2017

Samantha Bun

What is the difference between Fanola No Yellow and 18 in 1 Intense Violet Shampoo?

So… you may have stumbled across AMR’s range of violet shampoos for bleached, blonde, streaked or grey hair and been so confused about which brand to choose. There are so many! If you have seen all the craze for Fanola’s No Yellow Shampoo all over social media, we can completely vouch for the quality and value of Fanola’s No Yellow in working wonders in hair toning. You may have also seen all the amazing footage of 18 in 1’s Intense Violet range as well, which could leave you indecisive between the two.

Here at AMR, we love all our brands equally because we aim to deliver the best to our customers, so we would never pit one against the other. Instead, we’ll tell you what they do, the similarities and differences, so you can decide on your own what works best for you. I think it is all a process of trial and error as everyone’s hair is different. You may find that one works better for you than the other, but hear something completely different from someone else.

Here’s what I know:

What is a Violet Shampoo?

Violet shampoo is essentially a colour depositing shampoo that tones unwanted yellow in blonde or streaked hair (for brassy and orange tones, use blue counteracting shampoo). There are violet pigments that counteract the yellow tones (from a level 9 and up) and makes the blonde brighter. Depending on how well your hair takes, this could result in a more ash or platinum looking blonde. Violet shampoo is to be used between colouring sessions to keep the hair refreshed as hair colour is subject to fading due to washing, exposure to heating appliances like straighteners and blow dryers and other environmental factors such as UV light.

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

Fanola No Yellow

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo is the most popular blonde toning shampoo on the market, at the RRP of $39.90 per litre bottle. This bottle will last you quite a while as you are only meant to use it once a week. Its strength in popularity is due to the strong pigmented nature of the shampoo that has incredible toning ability. Depending on the processing time, the longer you leave it, the more the colour it will deposit. The results that you see plastered all over social media really do speak for itself. In terms of content, the formula does contain Hydrolyzed Silk to add a bit of nourishment to the hair, but it also contains sodium sulfate in the formula…

18 in 1 Intense Violet Shampoo

18 in 1 Intense Violet Shampoo

…which brings us to the major point of difference between these two products: 18 in 1 Intense Violet Shampoo is free of Sulfate, Paraben and Salt, which means this product is not as drying and can be used in conjunction with keratin smoothing treatments and chemical straightening. Intense Violet is also strongly pigmented, but has more nourishing and moisturising ingredients such as Argan Oil, Keratin, Kakadu Plum and Amino Acids to keep the hair smooth and silky whilst toning. 18 in 1 works out to be $29.80 RRP for a 500ml bottle. This may be a little bit more on the pricey end compared to Fanola, but it is simply because the product does not contain Sulfate and salts. Sulfate free products tend to be harder to find as many manufacturers use sulfate in their products. 18 in 1 also contains Argan Oil and Panthenol which most shampoos don’t, making it a richer shampoo that won’t leave your hair dry.

Having said all this, they are both fantastic products, each working to their own advantage and the results speak for themselves. It is worth a shot to try both and see which works better on your hair to achieve more excellent results. They both also have matching masks to add more moisture to the hair afterwards.

Please let us know which you prefer out of the two, would love to hear your thoughts!

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