Festival Makeup

August 20, 2018

Tako Phanoraj

As winter is coming to an end, why not celebrate the spring season with a day out with your girlfriends and enjoy a festival or two?  If you feel like you missed out on Splendour on the Grass fear not when the warmer side of festival season is coming up there is an array of festivals to choose from. A day or a few days to run wild and free with an abundant amount of colour and glitter. Every year festival makeup trends get better and more extra than the next, topping up one trend from last year’s. Besides from Halloween, festival season gives you the opportunity to go crazy; experimenting with different mediums, textures, styles and looks. Anything goes, the more outrageous, the better!

Ditch the practicality and functionality of clean simple makeup and go all out with these out of this world festival makeup trends. Discover your inner bohemian goddess. Think glitter, body glitter, shocking bright colours of neon, diamantes, bejewelled shapes, holographic shimmers, coloured lashes, incorporate face painting and body paint. You can either clash colours to work with each other or use a colour palette in the same colour family for a more cohesive look. If you’re not wearing some type of glitter or a face gem somewhere on your hair, face or body, are you even at a festival?

Get on board and get creative making your face and body a work of art because life is far too short to look drab and boring; explore the festival season with technicolour glitz and glam.


The eyes are the windows to the soul so why not go nuts and explore the many different variations of beautiful, enchanting, vibrant and captivating eye looks. Down below are some looks to inspire you for the festival season.

Whether it be a bold splash of colour on the eyelids or just a bold line of liner worn on the eyelid or underneath the eye for a subtle look. And of course, who can forget the flecks of glitter on your lids, inner corner of the eye,  outer corner of the eye or even around the whole eye space entirely. If you don’t like the thought of glitter anywhere near your eyes why not opt for specks of gold leaf or strategically placed tiny diamantes here and there. Be brave and go wild with your eye makeup.

TOP TIP: If you’re not a fan of having glitter go anyway near your eyes for fear of irritation, why not add dimension and theatre with starry bedazzled eyes by drawing on a cluster of stars around your eyes with either coloured liner or face paint. And to make it all the more whimsical add coats of coloured mascara for coloured eyelashes.


It’s all in the face; think forehead, cheekbones, temples, under the eye area and lips. Allow your face to be the focus let your outfit or fake tan do the talking for the body side of things from the neck down. Figure out different configurations of placement around the best features of your face. Opt for subtle glitter or rhinestone placement around the eye area or on the cheekbone. Or have it either matching on both sides of the face like you would a mask or if you have a “bad side” cover that side of the face with face paint or glitter to let your “good side” show.

To give it a more edgy festival vibe rather than fairy glam add in different shapes, textures and colours of jewels to elevate your look even more. Work with sequins or cut out confetti in silhouettes of stars and moons. To make it kookier, dabble in playing with the idea of faux freckles in gold and silver eyeliner, or wet eyeshadow pigments and creams. Allow your face to be the main focus and keep your body fresh and aglow with a fabulous spray tan and some body-shimmer.

TOP TIP: To make the heavy or big diamantes, rhinestones and face gems last you the whole day till the break of dawn, use waterproof lash glue or spirit gum to ensure your jewels can keep up with your dancing.


If your body is your best asset why not keep it clean and simple with your face being subtle with a fresh dewy face but your body all a wonderland of design, creativity and texture. Or if there is a particular body part you wanna show off then let that be your main focus. Your body is your canvas and you can choose anything that comes to mind your chest, neck, decolletage, back, torso, arms, shoulders or bum or just go full festival crazy and let your whole entire body become a sparkly shiny disco ball.

Have your body adorned with bigger pieces of gemstones, crazy prints, or go with a type of theme or take inspiration off your outfit and work off what colour scheme to go from there. Get the Midas touch with the use of gold foil tattoos if you’re not to keen on the idea of body glitter and jewels. There is nothing more loud and proud, than doing a big extravaganza of doing a triple threat with hair, face and body. This will definitely kick it up a notch for that next level statement look and why not do it with your festy-besty.

So there you have it, let your flair for arts and crafts and let your creativity flag fly. Be warned that you will find glitter still in odd places months later, but oh well it comes with the territory. If you liked this blog please comment below on your thoughts.

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