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Formal Preparation – The Ultimate Beauty Guide

September 26, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

Winter is gone and spring is here. And so is the formal season! The time to shine for our little daughters, sisters, nieces and cousins blossoming from young girls into young women. We all know that formal is about THE DRESS, but what’s the dress without your hair, face and body complete? We have you covered to get the help for your formal prep for face, body and hair ready.


If you have imagined and planned how your hair is going to be styled please ensure you book your hair appointment ASAP. Book your hairdresser two months in advance as our in-house hair stylists critically recommend it.  You may scoff Mum, but booking two months prior is crucial so that your daughter can request the right hairstylist to style her hair and you get the time that you want, which is important as this will allow your hair to be fresh enough for the formal event to leave you with enough time to get your makeup done and to dress up. There is nothing worse than booking a last minute appointment and having the only available time slot in the morning, but your formal won’t start until 5 pm. On the contrary, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth getting your hair done early but the staying power may lack the lustre. The hairstyle may drop due to it being warmer in the year. Booking in advance will also ensure there is an ample amount of time for your baby girl to discuss any changes with her hairstylist, too.

If you are the few that have found the perfect dress but are unsure of your hairstyle, you can take a screenshot of the dress that you are planning to wear and go to your hair stylist to get their expert advice and see what they can advise making you be the belle of the ball on your big hurrah before high school ends.

Tip: The night before your hair appointment, wash your hair and blow dry it. Put no products in whatsoever as your hairstylist needs to work their magic on clean fresh hair. Clean hair makes your hairstyle manageable and the updo or curl will last longer on clean hair through the night.

If you wanted to attempt to curl your own hair, we’d recommend using a curler over a straightner just for simplicity. Both do an amazing job with curling (Use a thing plate if you decide to use a straightener) but overall the curler was built with one purpose.

To achieve straight hair on a budget, try using a steam brush. The gentle ceramic bristles do not damage hair and it effortlessly glides through with each brush without pulling the hair. It will leave your hair feeling smooth and looking healthy due to its high-pressure steam.

When you have your perfect hair-do, Goldwell’s Hair Lacquer Super Firm Hairspray is your go-to to set your masterpiece into place. It has amazing staying power, but if you have made a little boo boo you can brush it out and start that area all over again. Simple!

             Goldwell Hair Lacquer Super Firm

Tip: For a safety net, take some bobby pins in case a stray hair has come undone in the middle of the night or if your up-do has gone askew. Pack a few fringe pins in a little ziplock bag to get you selfie-ready in no time and add some band-aids and safety pins in there too while you’re at it in case of any foot blisters or dress ripping emergencies.


The same goes for a makeup artist – if you want the best of the best, you have to get in on it early and book in advance. Once you get the date of your formal, jump in there like white on rice. Not only do you get to pick the date, but you get first-come-first-serve in that time slot basis too. This applies with your hairdresser as well so you can discuss different looks to match your dress and hairstyle to your makeup look.

What you need to do to prep your face is to exfoliate the night before so that your makeup artist has a great base to work on. When you are at your appointment, be there 10 minutes early. This is courteous to your makeup artist as it values their time and skills. If it cannot be helped and you are late to your appointment, ensure that you advise the makeup artist via phone call or text that you will be late, however, this will cut into your appointed time.

For girls and boys with acne prone skin, apply a clay mask the night before as the clay activates its absorbing powers by sucking up the excessive sebum leaving your skin softer to work with.

Try not to look at your phone while you are getting your makeup done. Yeah, you see models do this backstage on VS shoots and they get away with it because they are famous. Being on your phone the whole time of your makeup session is rude and unprofessional. Be present in their makeup chair so that you can offer them any feedback or if they want you to see how the makeup look is going. If you need to check an important message then just excuse yourself and your makeup artist will be more than happy to oblige with your request. The worst moment of a teenager’s life is to look up and see that you do not look like the image you requested. You will have to go home and to do it all over again, wasting your time, the makeup artist’s time and your own money. Mothers have said, “If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all”. That is true, but in this instance, if you do not like anything that your makeup artist has done, then just politely ask them to adjust here or there to your liking. Speaking up during your makeup session will have both parties on the same page to achieve the outstanding look.

Tip: Wear a button-up top or spaghetti strap singlet to your hair and makeup appointments as this is something that can be taken off easily and would not have to go over your head, risking the destruction of your beautiful hair and makeup.


If Mum and Dad have allowed you to get your eyebrows waxed for the first time, make sure that you do your research and ask your friends and family who they go to and trust. Eyebrows are trending for the past couple of years and you don’t want to wreck those babies. So if you are waxing your eyebrows at a salon for the first time, request for a natural shape of the eyebrows and a nice clean tidy up as over-waxing and plucking on a young face will distort the hair growth.

Or if you prefer a home job instead click here to get your DIY know how on your eyebrow plucking 

Waxing should be done 48 hours prior to the event as this will reduce redness and sensitivity, but if you are fake tanning this is a whole different ball game altogether. You must wax two days before your fake tan session as your fake tan session should be two days before the event, too. For example the year 12 formal is on Friday night, you must wax on Monday to ensure that your skin is ready to be fake tanned for Wednesday. This is vital before fake tanning as once you remove hair by waxing, this opens up the pore and if you fake tan straight away this will leave your pores open to absorb the tan solution leaving your tan looking spotty. You may also have wax residue still left over, so be sure to remove all the waxing off as this will obstruct your finished tan look. Shaving should be done 24 hours before a spray tan as shaving strips away dead skin. If you are shaving straight after a tan, you may be left with stripey legs due to the lines of your razor.

Lycon Mini Professional Wax Kit


Fake it til you make it. The best way to tan is by faking it of course. A healthy sun-kissed glow without being exposed to the sun’s harmful rays is the safest way to get the bronze goddess shine, but which one to opt for – Cream? Mousse? Spray? Decisions, decisions. Well, here is the lowdown on all three types.

Cream is great for beginners. It takes longer to absorb into the skin compared to a mousse as you have to work the cream in. The consistency is thicker compared to a mousse, too. Creams may be best for beginner boys and girls that tend to have drier skin because of the thick lotion providing moisture to the skin.

Mousse is a foamier, lighter consistency compared to a tanning cream. It is soft and smooth and easy to apply using either your hands or a mitt. You must work with it as fast as you can though as it dries quickly. This may be best for people who perspire and tend to get sticky easily.

Spray tans feel lighter on the skin and are long-lasting. They give you an even distribution and a build-up of colour with every coat that is applied but can be quite streaky if not done right.

MineTan Tan.Easy Tan.Lite 32000

To prep for your skin, you must ensure that your tan lasts to the day of the event and after. In the shower, make sure you gently exfoliate from head to toe, really focusing on the problem areas of your elbows, knees and feet as those areas are a haven for dry skin. Make sure that you focus on these areas as the tan will cling onto them making your skin look darker and patchy. If your skin is really dry, add a moisturiser the night before tanning in these areas so that the dry skin can soak up these areas for a smooth application as the moisturiser will prepare the skin for tanning. If you have eczema or psoriasis, apply moisturiser in these areas too.

Tip: If you get fake tans in unwanted areas like your hands and soap is simply not working, try using a washing detergent to remove the fake tan (test a small path on your skin first in case).


Nail salons are a dime a dozen these days and they accept walk-ins, however, if you have splurged on your dress and shoes and mum and dad have told you to do a DIY job for manicure and pedicure, here is how to prep for them.

  1. Remove any of your old nail polish with a nail polish remover.
  2. Soak your nails in a manicure dish with warm water for two to three minutes and for feet five minutes.
  3. Apply a cuticle remover over all your cuticles. (Tending to your cuticles makes for a nicer long-lasting application of nail polish).
  4.  Once you have applied that on, go to the first finger that you applied the cuticle remover on and push your cuticle back using an orange stick. Do this for the rest of your nails.
  5. Cut away any excess cuticles by using a cuticle nipper.
  6. Wash your hands to remove any excess cuticle product.
  7. If your nails are too long, cut your nails. For a square look use a straight nail clipper, for an oval look use a rounded clipper. If the original shape is okay, but it just needs to be cleaned up just use an emery board (filer) and shape them to your desired shape.
  8. The next step is buffing. Buffing helps to smooth out any ridges as this will make your nail polish application much smoother.
  9. Wipe them with an alcohol wipe or nail polish remover.
  10. Now go ahead with a base coat, two layers of your colour of choice and then a top coat to make it shine. Ensuring that each layer is dry in between application.
Natural Look Professional Manicure Kit

Tip: Choose a colour that will compliment your dress and corsage for all those insta and hashtagging opportunities.

So there you have it. I hope that this blog helps your little ladies in your life for their formal schedule to go ahead swimmingly. Please comment below if these tips work for you or if you have any other suggestions to help out others on their big day.

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