Get the Look: Smokey Eyes and Glitter Lips

March 29, 2017

Samantha Bun

Over the weekend, I entered my very first pole dancing competition and I asked none other than my best friend, Tako, to do my makeup for the momentous day. I needed my face to be on fleek for my first ever show and I knew she was the right person to make my face stand out on the stage. She is so talented and true visionary. I told her I wanted it to be dramatic – smokey eyes and red lips. She then gave me the idea for glitter lips and it was a straight out: yes!

I normally dread the smokey eye because I somehow mostly come out looking like I just walked out of a severe fist fight (I know I’m not alone here), but it was perfect! I was so incredibly ecstatic about how the overall look turned out. The best measure is when it is the first thing people comment on when they see you – I was poured with compliments left, right and centre.

On top of this, her quality of service and professionalism was of a high calibre. She had everything laid out nice and neatly, everything was organised and clean. She was highly attentive and made sure the entire way that I was okay and comfortable. What I particularly loved was that she was letting me know exactly what was happening every step of the process. She told me she made my foundation darker than my skin tone and that it may look a bit dramatic, but it was so that it will show on camera. I appreciated that she was filling me in and was double checking to make sure I was happy with progress as she went along. Friendship aside and even if I was a regular client, I would have been so satisfied. I couldn’t have asked for a better MUA!

Here are Tako’s tips on how she created the look.

1. Prime eyes with primer over the eyelids and underneath the eye.
2. Get a fluffy brush and start with a soft light brown mocha colour above the crease like a wind swiper motion. Next, use the same technique with a different fluffy tangerine colour and then a third colour a chocolate brown. Blend all the colours above the crease until you’re happy with it as all three colours will give your eyeshadow dimension.
3. Get a gel liner and pack it on your eyelid. This will boost your black eyeshadow. Your eyelids should be bare at this point and only the previous colours should be on your crease or just above the crease. (If you don’t have gel eyeliner for this you can use an eyeliner pencil to colour all over your lid)
4. Once the gel liner is on there as a base you then pack on your black eyeshadow to intensify the dark shadow to create the smokey and smouldering look. Now blend the edges of the black eyeshadow to mix with the three colours on the crease
5. Once you’re happy with that line your upper lashline and bottom lashline with a Kohl eyeliner.
6. With the bottom lashline use the tangerine and chocolate brown colour together to smoke out the bottom and then add the black eyeshadow on top of that so both the eyelids and bottom lashline are cohesive with each other.
7. Once you’re happy with the look add in lashes.
8. If you find the eyeshadow looks a bit matte and flat, you can add a bit of shimmer in the inner corner of the eye. We use a gold shimmer and blend it with the black. And that’s it!
1. Choose your desired colour. For this look we used red.
2. Apply a matte liquid lipstick all over your lips. Wait until it dries.
3. Apply a gloss in the same colour all over your lips.
4. Immediately place your glitter on top of the gloss as the gloss acts as a safe adhesive and pat it all over the lips. Don’t worry if you make a little mess as you can take the rogue glitters off with some tape as using a brush to sweep it away it’ll just sweep to another part if your face.
5. Once you’re happy with the desired look you can fix around your mouth with some concealer to sharpen your edges and give your lips are more poutier illusion.

… and Ta-Da! There’s Tako’s top tips for the day. I hope you love this look as much as I do for your next glam night out.

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