Go Nude… With Your Makeup

June 29, 2018

Tako Phanoraj

With nothing to hide and everything to show off nude is your way to go. The colour nude has been around for a while now and the trend has been picked up everywhere with the fashion  and beauty industry going ham on all things nude. What is there not to love of the beige, bone, sand, taupe, light brown, tan, cream,  skin coloured fleshy tones that describe the perfect nude. And the best thing about it is the fact that anyone can suit the nude trend movement as it matches all skin tones. Whether you have warm or cool undertones that are pink, yellow, olive or dark. The sky is the limit you can never go wrong with nude, you can put on a little or add a bit more and either way, it will turn out amazing. As going bare is the safest way to go.

Down Below are some inspirations of nudes to showoff and try out.


Whether it be matte, glossy, light, dark, a metallic sheen or a pearlescent shine; add a splash of glitter, a stripe of geometric design or alternate between colours to expose the bare necessities.  Nude nails can be interpreted whichever shape and design you want.

Turn your inspirations into reality by using some of these nail mediums that we have at AMR now…





Let us take a moment for the nude makeup looks that have saved us and held us down. But if you’re a newbie to the naked scene. You will know that fleshy tones will be your next best makeup friend. You can get away with a tonne of bared skin varieties on your eyes, cheeks and lips. Playing around with nude is a great way to experiment with different styles, techniques, gradients, textures, and contrasts of all the au naturale colours. With makeup, you can go either top or bottom. Nude on the eyes or nude on the lips or maybe a mixture of both.

Get the scoop on the best and hottest nude makeup trends to rock right now and all year round.


Beautiful neutral looking eye looks can be dressed up or down. Fear not of the naked eyeshadow look just because it is simple and easy does not fault at the fact that it can make you appear more awake. For more drama try a cut crease, contoured smokey eye, a halo eye look, eye makeup with or without a wing are always in and by adding flecks of gold, bronze, copper or rose-tinted gold to the eyes will make it more glitzy and glam for a night time look and of course add some more drama by putting on some fluttery flirty false eyelashes. Swap a white eyeliner for a fleshy toned eyeliner for the bottom waterline for a less stark and obvious white line appearance. Get the look and dare to go nude.

Make your peepers stand out with these nude eyeshadows below at AMR…


Keeping the lips remaining neutral; all the better to flaunt that mysterious smile. Going for barely pink lips, soft peach lips, almost brown tones on the lips for a glossy or matte finish. Or why not try something different and go for a heavy metal metallic finish sheen giving your lips for that juicy plump come and kiss me effect. So, are you blushing yet? Go on and expose yourself, you have nothing to hide. Take the nudes out of the bedroom and into town. Dare to bare all in alluring shades of nude and watch the heads turn.

Keep your smackers irresistible to kiss with these amazing lip products below.

If you liked this blog please comment down below on what makeup look you tried with this nude trend.


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