Hail Queen Eva

September 22, 2016

Samantha Bun

Eva Lam landed on our shores all the way from Vancouver, Canada to take on the Fanola Masterclass with the incredible Vena Love and Janet Nguyen. Eva has become a go-to and inspiration in the industry with her motto: “F*** Bad Hair” resonating deeply with us hair lovers.  Her astounding hair creations coupled with badassery makes her the hair stylist to follow on Instagram @evalam_ with over 89K already on the bandwagon. She is also a woman of many talents with a Bachelor’s in business, a certificate in graphic design and a knack for charcoal drawings. Eva has been dubbed the queen of greys and displays artistic integrity in all her hair designs. We asked Eva her motivation behind hair and what she can foresee as upcoming trends.

We ain’t from around here. 🚀 Used @brazilianbondbuilder and @fairhairextensions #b3 #brazilianbondbuilder

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What made you decide to get into the hair industry?

I originally wanted to do hair because every stylist I went to told me my hair was too difficult and wouldn’t lift but still charge an excessive amount for a terrible job. I eventually took a hairdressing program offered in my high school for fun and started experimenting with colour on my own head at home.

How has social media affected your job and your life?

I’ve always had a following in Vancouver, but now with social media I have people viewing my work from all around the world. It has exposed consumers to new standards and now they can see a full portfolio of the hairstylist before entering the salon. I think it’s great that I get to control my content and post work I enjoy which in turn attracts the clientele I want. Instagram is basically another full-time job I have to balance!

How do you balance having new clients with all your current clientele?

I am very loyal to my existing clientele because some have been with me for eleven years. Whenever they need to get it in, they are my priority. Taking in new clients will depend on my work week, if I see gaps I’ll start responding to emails and whoever wants the appointment first gets it. I’ve also trained a stylist under me who can do pretty much everything I do, so she’s been taking on the overflow and some of my old clients!

Yahh we did it! @jessfxstyle

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Why did you choose Fanola and how do you battle not having the colours you want on the colour chart?

I chose Fanola because I do a lot of Asian hair and their ash series seems to be the strongest that I’ve come across. I play around a lot with the mixers and managed to create most of the colours I like to do. Sometimes I’ll mix colours from other lines because I prefer other tones more.

What do you foresee as an emerging trend this summer?

I think 90s style hair will make a comeback, well I’m planning to bring it back haha! I think the pastels, metallics and blondes are going to be trending for the next few years.

Love is a losing game, one I wished I never played. #amywinehouse

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