A Fringe For Every Face Shape – Find the Best Style of Hair Bangs To Suit You

October 23, 2019

Rachael Grant

Hair bangs are a haircut that helps you keep the length and still make a dramatic change to how you look. Cutting bangs can completely transform your face and emphasize your features. There are so many different fringe hairstyles that it is easy to get confused about which face shape suits which fringe. 

When you choose what hair bangs you want to see on your face, it’s important to leave room for all of them. Don’t be a slave to a particular style. A good hairstylist will be able to play with bold, long-and layered, and side-swept fringe. They can be easily adjusted to your face shape. 

Don’t limit yourself by thinking that only one style can work for you. Bangs for an oval face with closely set eyes will differ from those for an oval face with big eyes or prominent eyebrows, for example. 

But if you want to bring attention to what you think are your best features, consider shaping your bangs to focus on a specific part of your face. Whether you are in love with your cheekbones, your eyes, or your cleanly shaped brows, you can perk them even more by choosing the appropriate fringe.

Round Face Shapes: Full Side and Cropped Hair Bangs 

If you want to elongate a round face which usually has soft lines, go for side bangs. 

Side bangs are a winner. They suit almost everyone. The side-swept fringe can be modified by length and thickness with gradual thinning. It doesn’t require as much upkeep as bolder fringe haircuts do. The contrast between the sharp angle of the bangs and the wider cheeks will change your face proportions. 

Micro bangs, cropped bangs or side bangs are also an option. Ask for graduated thinning at the end to avoid the dollish, unnatural look. Unless that’s exactly what you are aiming for! Emma Watson made sort of a trademark style from micro bangs:

How to Cut the Fringe for Square-shaped and Oblong Faces

Hair bangs are in most cases the best friend of strong features. They tend to take the edge off of most of them. To create the illusion of softness for square and oblong faces, choose A-shaped bangs. 

A-shaped bangs are shorter in the middle and longer at the ends. But this transition needs to be gradual. Your stylist can taper them at the ends to soften a strong jawline or forehead. With a square face shape, it is all about the eyes. They will really pop out with professionally tapered hair bangs.

Long layered bangs are the second option for oblong and square faces. Layered bangs also have the A-shape but also a 70s, boho feel. They can be straight or slightly curly, covering a part of the eyes and the brows. 


Despite their messy look, long layered or curtain hair bangs require frequent styling. Yup, that under-the-fringe look is sexy. But you don’t want to blind yourself for style. You’ll have to schedule haircuts at two or three weeks tops to keep clear eyesight. 


Another way to pull people’s attention from angular features is too cut diagonally angled bangs. Sweep them to the side to make our eyes or mouth the centre of attention. Angled bangs can be worn when grown out, but not too much. On the maintenance difficulty scale, they are somewhere in-between bluntly cut fringe and long, thinned, loose hair bangs. They are perfect for asymmetrical bobs


Crescent Hair Bangs for Heart-Shaped Faces 

For a heart face, you will need to ask your stylist to cut your fringe shorter in the middle and longer on the ends. This way, your new fringe will recreate the ratio between the wider top section and the cute pointy chin. Unlike the A-shaped fringe, crescent bangs tend to be more voluminous to embody the slight semi-circular curve for which it got its name. Many heart-shaped faced women don’t go for a fringe, but when they do, the change is noteworthy. Take a look at Reese Witherspoon, for example. Reese carries many styles with confidence and doesn’t care about her heart face too much.  

She rocks the bob now, but a while ago, she had bangs cut sectionally, to play by pulling them away from the face: 

And at the start of her career, she kept it safe with crescent, chopped bangs:

Baby bangs or a blunt fringe with a lesser dramatic straight cut will also suit a heart-shaped face.  This is a fun choice to ease down on the straight bold fringe cut or extend micro bangs. Miley Cyrus had cut her hair with baby bangs earlier this year. She is an example that when styled right, they don’t look at all baby-ish.


We hope you find this guide for most suited hair bangs helpful. Don’t follow rules blindly and adapt them to your personal style. Remember, there is a fringe haircut that works for everyone, so don’t hesitate to go where you haven’t gone before with a fringe haircut update.

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